Together at Home, it was a chance to see many dear friends at the stream, but I didn’t have to ‘live’ – 18/04/2020 – Illustrated


One World: Together at Home, set a new benchmark for easy-to-see. A chance to see a lot of people, dear in the sequel, but it had some obvious problems.

The first was the lack of clear streams to live in, even though it is one of the main priorities of the idea and should have been advertised that way. Maybe it’s the word “live” (on live) have been used in conjunction with the setting of the presentation of artists on the internet, but it looks like there was a bait and switch here.

The second problem was the size of an extremely small show: came to a single track and ready for less than a second, and the most noble part of the festival, between 21 and 23 on Saturday (the 18th), at the time of the event.

Also, there was a certain monotony in the lack of creativity in the instrumental: this is the most, were the singers, playing keyboards, and that’s it.

The Rolling Stones, who marked half of the event, at 22h, you were one of the exceptions, and you can put down that you made the best of microshow of the night. Each and every one in your house, with the screen split into four, and the band performed “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (1968).

Mick Jagger started out all alone on the acoustic guitar. And then came the guitar, and Keith Richards, then Ron Wood. Finally, the drummer, Charlie Watts. There was no bass player. But it was a strangeness: despite the fact that there’s a band, there was no battery in it around the lights you need. He seemed to be playing with the band at the knees, and at the man in front of him.

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It’s a look at the mystery and you could listen to a full charge, with cymbals and bass drums. Is that Charlie Watts had a playback in the face, hard? Yes, that Charlie Watts had a playback in the face, hard.

Of the superstars, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder also did the classics of his career: Musicians, was that of the “Lady Madonna”, a hit for the Beatles in 1968, in a version that is slower and is played on the organ. He was dressed in a white shirt and a black vest, a costume which is used to perform at the concert, and, like the others, paid homage to health care workers.

Myself, and the sound, Stevie Wonder ordered to “Love”s in Need of Love Today”, from their classic disc Songs in th Key of Life, 1976). And Elton John, showed up in the open air, perhaps in the garden of his house, and, with the excellent “I’m Still Standing” (and I’m still standing), a song from 1983, you have one of the clips on the most ridiculous mode of transport. Of sunglasses with the lens color of the rose, you did a good interpretation of it.

First of all, in order to open up this part of the nobleman, and Lady Gaga, to become the driving force behind the event, he played and sang “Smile”, by charlie Chaplin, who appears (in the instrumental version at the end of the film, “Modern Times” (1936).

This has been a strategy of artists, the appeal of the songs, most are easy to identify. Was Eilish, the latest winner of a Grammy, it was “Sunny”, a classic rhythm-and-blues music in 1963 by Bobby Hebb. The singer, Lizzo came up with “A Change Is Gonna Come” in 1964, the great Sam Cooke. It was a huge success with the voice of Aretha Franklin in 1967, but the great idol of Lizzo

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John Legend and Sam Smith, have chosen “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King from 1961. Already, the couple is dating Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello did a duet on “What a Wonderful World” standard, captured in the voice of Louis Armstrong in 1967.

For a shirt, and a baseball cap, black, Eddie Vedder did not disappoint those who like his style and depressive: he played and sang “Cross the River”, a tribute to the singer, and his friend’s two Sisters who died in the fall of 2017. The choice of instrument was the organ with a sound of shadows. Of a hat, and is also on piano, and Chris Martin lashed out with “Yellow,” the song that launched Coldplay in the year 2000.

Other artists have also had their time. And a lot of stories about how volunteers are engaged to assist in the battle for the new coronavirus. The actors and the health authorities by the secretary-general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, also appears to be thankful for.

Broadcast simultaneously by the three major broadcasters in the U.S., each of which is assigned a presenter to switch the call to artists: Jimmy Fallon, NBC, Jimmy Kimmel, ABC’s, and Stephen Colbert, to the CBS. Apparently, only three of these are live one-on-One World: Together, at Home.