Underwear, Grazielli Massafera appears in the photo of the pregnancy, and the web says: “Imagine yourself pregnant in the Fall of Castro’


Grazi, and we sat there and split custody of their daughter, is also in quarantine.

Separated since 2013, both the actors will not only share custody of their daughter as a good relationship between them. During this period of social isolation, little Sophie continues down between the care of the mother and of the father, details of Cauã Reymond. “My daughter spends half the week with mom, half with me. We are alone in the house for a month, and my partner who are working here are in their own homes,” said the husband of kim Goldfarb, who also takes part in the daily routine of the young girl. “At the time, she has to play alone because I have to clean the bathroom, for example), and it is a part. It is well understood,” she said.

The new novel, we sat there and it was delayed for a pandemic coronavirus

Originally scheduled to go on air next month, “A Place in the Sun,” now it’s only set to debut in October or November, in the range of nine in the World. In seattle, we sat there and bring to life the twins who grow up separately and are interchangeable, when one of them suffers a serious accident. In the story, the actor is going to perform with the Alinne Moraes e Reginaldo Faria, among others. They have “Mother’s Love”, currently off-air, is expected to return for the month of August.

(For Guilherme Guidorizzi)