Urbi et Orbi message 2020 to the Pope Francis on Sunday to the Resurrection


Vatican City, 12 Apr. 20 / 09:09 pm (VIGIL).-
The one that Pope Francis addressed to the faithful of Rome and of the world, with the traditional easter message prior to the Blessing, “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and to the world that this is Easter Sunday, April 12, as an exception, the Pope offered from the interior of the Basilica of St. Peter’s church.

In his address, the Holy Father pointed out that, “today, I think about all of us who have been affected by the coronavirus: those who are ill, those who are deceased and for the families who are grieving the death of their loved ones, and in some cases have not even been able to give them the last good-bye.”

The Pope has asked the risen Christ, “light of the one who has the responsibility over the conflict so that you have the courage to join the call for a fire in the global and immediate, in every corner of the world. This is not the time to pursue making and selling weapons, by spending huge sums of money that could be used to take care of people and save the views.”

The following is a message from the Pope on twitter.

My dear brothers and sisters, happy Easter!

Today, it echoes all over the world, and the proclamation of the Church: “Jesus Christ is risen”; “risen indeed”!

As a new flame has been kindled by the Good-news in the evening, at night, in a world that is already struggling with the challenges of epocais, and is now afflicted by the pandemic, which poses a tough test for our large family. In the evening, there was a noise and the voice of the Church: “Christ, my hope, has risen!” (The sequence of Easter).

It’s an “infection” which is spread from heart to heart, because the heart of man waits for the Good News. It is the spreading of hope: “Christ, my hope, has risen!”

It’s not a magic formula that will fade away, the problems. No! The death and resurrection of Christ, it is not so. But it is the victory of love is the root of evil, it’s a win that does not “jump” on top of the suffering and death, but through the opening of a road to the bottomless pit, and turning the bad into good: the brand name of the exclusive power of God.

The Risen one is the Crucified one; and it is not the other person. Written on the body of his glory, carries the stigmata: the wounds that have made it the cracks another. To Him, we look to you to heal the wounds of humanity is chaotic.

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Now, I think, above all, in how many of you were affected either directly by the coronavirus: those who are ill, those who have died and their families who are grieving the departure of her loved ones, and sometimes you cannot even tell you the last good-bye.

Who is the Lord of life welcome him in his Kingdom of the dead, and give comfort and hope to those who are still in the race, and especially for the elderly and for people with no-one. Don’t let the lack of your

comfort and the needed supports to those who are in conditions of particular vulnerability, such as those who work in the houses of healing, and people living in military barracks, and prisons.

For many, it is a day of loneliness, living between the mourning and the many disturbances that a pandemic is to cause, from physical suffering to the problems of the economy.

This epidemic is not to deprive us only of the affections, but also of the possibility to appeal in person to the consolation that comes from the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation. In many countries, it has not been possible to gain access to them, but the Lord has not left us alone. Remain united in prayer, we are assured that He has laid upon us the hand ” (cf. Salt 139/138, 5), and again, each one with his: “don’t be afraid! “I have risen and I am with you always” (mt. The Roman Missal).

Jesus, our Passover, gives the strength and hope to the doctors and nurses, around the side, they offer a testimony of the kindness and love of others, even to the extreme of the forces, and, at times, even to the sacrifice of one’s own health. For them, as well as for those who are working hard to ensure that the services are essential to a civil society, the forces of law and order and the military in many countries have helped to alleviate the trials and tribulations of the population, it’s our greeting, warm, along with our thanks.

During these weeks, it changed suddenly to the lives of millions of people. For many, staying at home, this is a time to reflect, to stop, to the rhythms of the frantic of life, and to stay with your loved ones and enjoy their company. But, for many of us, it is also a time of worry for the future, which presents an uncertainty for the job, you run the risk of losing and the consequences that it carries with it the current crisis. I would encourage all people who have a political responsibility to take an active role in the interest of the general welfare of the citizens by providing them with the means and tools necessary to enable all to live a good life and be encouraged as soon as the circumstances permit the resumption of daily activities as you wish.

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This is not the time to ignore it, because the whole world is subject to, and must be attached to the face of the pandemic. The risen christ gives hope to all the poor people who live in the slums, refugees and those without shelter. Not to be left alone with these brothers and sisters

more fragile than people in the cities and suburbs in all parts of the world. Do not give them leave to be lacking in the basic necessities are harder to find now that many of the activities have been finished, as well as the drugs, and, above all, the possibility of a with health care as appropriate. In consideration of these circumstances, it will be abrandadas also to the international sanctions which prevent the country concerned to provide adequate assistance to their own citizens and allowed all the States to take care of the most pressing needs of the present moment, thus reducing or even forgiving the debt is a heavy burden on the budgets of the poorest of the poor.

This is not a time for selfishness, it’s the challenge that we face unite us all, and does not make any distinction between people. Among the many areas of the world affected by the coronavirus, I think so

particularly, in Europe. After the second World War, the Continent was able to rise again thanks to the spirit of concrete solidarity, which enabled it to overcome the rivalries of the past. It is very urgent, especially in the present circumstances, and that such a role does not return to power; on the contrary, they all recognize themselves as part of a family and support each other. Now, standing in front of the European Union is a challenge of epochal, in that it will depend on not only the future but also that of the entire world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give a new proof of solidarity, including by using innovative solutions. As an alternative, we are left with only the selfishness of personal interests and the temptation of a return to the past and, at the risk of putting in the hard evidence of the peaceful co-existence and the development of the next generation.

This is not a time for division. Christ, our peace and light to those who have responsibility in the conflict, as well as who will have the courage to join the call for a global ceasefire and immediately in all corners of the world. This is not the time to continue to manufacture and sell weapons, and wasting huge sums that were to be used to take care of the people and to save lives. On the contrary, it is the time to finally put an end to the long war, which ensanguentou in the light of Syria, the conflict in the country, and the tensions in Iraq as well as Lebanon. It is the period of time in which to re-launch the dialogue, the israelites, and palestinenses to find a stable and lasting solution that would allow both peoples to live in peace. Stop the suffering of the people living in the eastern regions of Ukraine. It is an end to the terrorist attacks that were perpetrated against so many innocent people in several countries in Africa.

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This is not a time to forget. The crisis we are facing is not going to make us forget about the many other emergencies that cause suffering to so many people. Who is the Lord of life himself to be close to that of the peoples of Asia and Africa, that are experiencing a serious humanitarian crisis, such as in the Region of the Cabo Delgado province in the north of the country. Acalente in the hearts of the many people who are refugees and displaced by war, drought and famine. To protect the many migrants and refugees, many of whom are children, who are living in unbearable conditions, particularly in Libya and on the border between Greece and Turkey. And I don’t want to forget the island of Lesbos. Make sure that in Venezuela, if you arrive on a concrete and immediate measures to allow the international aid to the people who suffer for the cause of the severe political, social, economic and health.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Truly, words such as indifference, selfishness, and division, forgetfulness, and is not what we want to hear from at this time. Further, we want to ban them all the time! Those that seem to prevail when we are overcome with the fear of death, that is to say, when we leave the Lord Jesus to conquer in our hearts and in our lives. He has already defeated death, opening for us the way of salvation, dispel the darkness of our poor humanity, and enter it in on your glorious day that knows no sunset.

With these thoughts, I would like to wish you all a happy Easter.

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