X-Men: Phoenix-black / Black is one of the highlights of April in streaming


The streaming the Movies it brings big news for the next couple of days from the beginning of April. One of them is X-men: Phoenix-black / Blackthat will be made available on the service on the 16th of this month.

The long account once again, the classic story of the transformation of the Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) of the entity Phoenix. The Professor Xavier (James Mcavoyand his team of mutants (you also have to deal with an alien threat.

The platform will also be Yesterday his book; in the film, it can be seen from the 30th day of April. The plot shows a musician that wakes up in a world where the The Beatles they were never popular in the us.

In other news

On the 23rd of April, the streaming service’s Movies there will also be two more new features: List and Double Lives. The first project is to cinebiografia of J. R. R. Tolkienthe author, who created the universe The Lord of the Rings in the scientific literature.

The second film deals with the world of the writers, but it focuses on one of them, along with an editor. Both of them have to deal with the changes in the publishing market in the present day.

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