14 movies and series, doomsday to watch the stream


Long on the walking dead with George Romero in the ‘ 60s, up to the documentary series of the Series, The pandemicthere is a vast array of television productions that depict a world ravaged by disease agents to kill or turn humans into zombies.

So, if you are to be quarantined, and you want to immerse yourself in a fiction, in the time of a coronavirus, such maratonar? We separate tv shows and movies about the apocalypse so you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Then Prepare your survival kit with a bowl of popcorn and a soda and it gives it a play!

12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys(Source: Netflix/Handout)

Derived from the movie starring Bruce Willis in the 1995, the series deploys the best of the situation, as James Cole (Aaron Stanford), a time-traveller at the time, that goes back to the early 90s with the aim of containing the plague is about to destroy the planet.

That is available on Netflix.

Black Summer

Black Summer(Source: Netflix/Handout)

The series ‘ canadian debut on Netflix in 2019, and has already had a second season been confirmed. Black, Summer, portrays the first few hours of a zombie apocalypse from the point of view of the survivors ‘ personalities and life styles are totally different and are in different parts of the same city.


Daybreak(Source: Netflix/Handout)

Daybreak is a typical teen drama, with the aggravating circumstance of whether you go in Los Angeles is taken over by zombies. The Original Series, the series uses a visual language inspired by comic books to tell the story of a young boy who will do anything to find the girl he loves.

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See(Source: AppleTV+Diffusion)

A great investment for the AppleTV+, See, brings out Jason Momoa as the warrior leader of a group in the near future, in which humans have lost the ability to see, and in the cities gave way to smaller communities.

When the two children are still born with perfect eyesight, and it can change the destiny of mankind, they put the group at risk, and threaten the current social order.

The 100

The 100(Source: Netflix/Handout)

Once you destroy the earth with a nuclear blast, with the human need to live in a spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. Until, that is, centuries later, of the attack, it seems to be made habitable again. So, 100 people are asked to go back to see what’s going on. Available on Netflix

The Rain

The Rain(Source: Netflix/Handout)

When it’s a rainy and mysterious, transforming the way people are being extremely aggressive, the two brothers were imprisoned by their parents for years in a basement until they need to leave and experience the outside world — or what’s left of it. In the series, the original Series is now in its second season.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead(Source: AMC/Handout)

Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Video on Fox’s Premium, and it has already become a classic of the genre, and has earned the right to have a spin-off is already in the air – to- Fear-The-Walking-Dead – and-others-in-production.

Based on the comic strip, the series follows the daily lives of the survivors in an outbreak the world that turns people into zombies.

Z Nation

ZNation(Source: Netflix/Handout)

A delightful option for you to embrace once and for all the playfulness, it’s a production escrachada, in which a group of survivors try to find peace, and it is a real cleaning up on the Land, and shall be entitled to the haunts and zombies, radio-active.

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Box for the Birds

Box for the Birds(Source: Netflix/Handout)

The success of the Series, and brings Sandra Bullock as a woman you need to protect your children in a world where we look for the light that transforms humans into monsters and a violent.

The epidemic

The epidemic(Source: Netflix/Handout)

One of the most seen movies of the Series in the last few days, the Epidemic is shown in the wake of a disease that quickly kills those who are infected.

I am Legend

I Am Legend(Source: Netflix/Handout)

The success, played by Will Smith, shows the routine of a survivor years after a virus has decimated the Earth’s population, making it the only human being to walk through the towns and cities.


Hungry (by 2019)(Source: IMDb/Playback)

The more a production is a canadian, Hungry, have a footprint which is quite different from the classic uses, with a focus on the survivors of a small community when the living dead start to behave strangely.

Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion(Source: IMDb/Playback)

Zombie invasion is one of those movies that exciting that you can’t stop looking at. The film is Korean, shows the situation in a large city during a zombie attack, and a man will do anything to save himself.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead(Source: Netflix/Handout)

Remake of the classic george a. Romero, is about a group of survivors trapped in a mall during a zombie apocalypse.

Have you made your list? Account for the we are what you are watching here!