5 times More, Silva has been the creative vault


More Smith got busy with the fans blocking your videos critativos. Whether on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok – the latest rage among the famous, the author has relied on to build makes of stylish, unique beauty, and to daily training in the host state. Check it out!

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Maisa Silva has been investing in a number of creative hobbies to the game in the host state. Change of social isolation because of the coronavirus, the host of the SHOW has not only helped us with the house, but used all her influence to give you tips on what to do in the home to more than 31 million followers. The reference to beauty and style, she has encouraged fans to engage in physical exercises, taught to you step-by-step make-up trends and more. With this in mind, the Purepeople together the five best moments!

Maisa Silva as he trains at home

This week, the More she began the day by working out at home. Viewing of the body is more slender, the empowering, keeping furniture from a room, and demonstrated some of the exercises you have practiced, such as squats and sit-ups. “The one thing that has helped me during this period of time in the home, it is the practice of physical exercise, whether it is watching videos, dancing, or stretching, a workout easy-to-use, and fast,” he said. Fernanda Souza has commented on the initiative: “very Good, Ma! It is not a good pro body, and it’s good for the head too!!! Healthy mind, healthy body”. Musa fitness Gracyanne Barbosa, she added: “That is the pride of my musinha”.

Maisa Silva-dance to the Tik Tok

More Smith himself from time to time to the Tik Tok. In your profile in the app, the girlfriend of Nicholas Arashiro has already played for the dance of the “Savage”, “the Megan Thee Stallion”, “Do It Again” to Sink in, Mia, “Why Is Everything Chrome, of the King’s Condition, and so forth. Kevinho, Larissa Manoela, Giovanna Ewbank, Justin Bieber, and the duo of Gabriel Medina and Yasmin Brunet has become a fun for the app.

More color of hair-blue and pink

Maisa Silva-broke ground on its new day, for years. The presenter taught us a trick of how to add color to the hair using the only shade of make-up, and have chosen the colors pink and blue. “I’m looking more like a Shaggy or a MK Toy?”, and she said to her fans. Then, she walked over to the parents to show the result and the reaction to it was “fun”. Famous for two years, going through a transition in the capillary.

Maisa Silva, teaches step-by-step, make-up and trendy

Since they can’t give you a “close-up” in the streets, the More Smith has been practicing the techniques of make-up in your home. In your profile on Instagram, a friend of Larissa She is shown step by step in making drawn graphics, and colored shadows. “Because the opportunity is there, isn’t he? A (make) for maratonar the series, and the other to make the clean, then the other to straighten up the room… and so it goes”, a joke.

Maisa Silva indicates, movies, and tv shows on Netflix

In the time available, More also have put on a day of your favorite series, and seen the new movie. According to her, “Atypical”, “Black Mirror,” and “Stranger Things” is one of your darlings on Netflix. Click here for more information

Check out more tips from the More Doe’s than you do in the quarantine:

(For Rahabe Barros)

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