All-Time – Worst movies of the year 2020 up to now


Bloodshot was not as well accepted by the general public

This One’s Easy.

The premiere of the film is stalled because of a quarantine by the coronavirus, but the movies that have been released in the first few months, there are a few productions like that is questionable. In OmeleTV today’s list of the worst movies released in the year 2020 up to now.


Officially, the Cats this is a film for the end of 2019 at the latest, but the majority of the viewers saw at the beginning of the 2020s, so it’s a honorable (?). In addition to the visual effects and strange, the film also made the mistake of not having a story as clear as possible, like a great movie, it’s only a beginning.


The second item on the list is the production, starring Robert Downey, Jr. Dolittle I had a goal to present an all-new story about a doctor who talks to animals. After a few more rewrites and production problems, the result of which was one of the worst movies of the year, it just seems away.


Continuing the list of bad movies, with major stars, horror In the Possession of Mary you have none other than Gary Oldman in the cast, but he never saved the story is weak and boring.

Also on the list of terror, it is a quote by the honorable (?) the The Orphansthat’s just one story, comfortable, and full of more cost-effective.


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In the adaptation of the comic book of the year promised to be a new out-of-axis-DC/Marvel comics, beginning with the adaptation of the Bloodshotstarring Vin Diesel. From the acting, to the script, it is all a bunch of cliches from action movies.