An actress in the Wonder Woman 1984 and don’t know if the movie is coming out in August


Connie Nielsen actress who plays Queen Hippolyta in the Wonder Woman she talked about the expectations for the Wonder Woman 1984 but said he had doubts about the premiere of the movie scheduled for the month of August. Previously scheduled for June, and the scene was one of the first Hollywood productions to set your date.

“I don’t know about the length of time of the month the actress said in an interview with the ABC’s. “I am, fingers crossed, I really hope it happens”.

Nielsen continued, speaking about his anxiety about returning to work: “Everyone wants to go back to work, we have all been waiting for to get started on new projects.”

There are still no details regarding the story’s a long one, but for now, the girl who lived for the Gal Gadot is going to be shown back in the ’80s. Chris Next returns to play the role of Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig it will be the bad guy, Barbara Minerva, the Woman in the Leopard, and the Peter Pascal you will be the villain, Max Lord. The direction of Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman 1984 it was one of the highlights of the CCXP 2019with the release of the first trailer for the feature and new footage of the panel in the Studio. The film has been delayed and will arrive in theaters in brazil in On August 13.

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