Bovespa has attempted to maintain a positive


Bovespa has attempted to maintain a positive

The SP was one of the largest waterfalls in the world, and the fact that we are a country emerging, with the liquidity in the various market segments.

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There was a day that we’ve had for a few countries, with the markets closed for a public holiday, and a calendar of events very strictly, the Bovespa stock exchange began for the day yesterday in the field, the negative correlation in the wake of the trading session to finish with a good, high, and maximum for the day.

In the us, and the days were the most negative, but also looking for some improvement in the afternoon. The us dollar is that it was once again strong here, and the rest of the world, and called on the new influence of the BC’s operation of the swap in the traditional sense. The price of crude oil in the international market, (but with a lot of volatility), and the ore is on the rise in China, given the positive tone here in Vale, and Petrobras is repeated time and time again to hold up the market. In addition to this, you can add funds to the maturity of the futures index on Wednesday, which brings the need for adjustments to their positions.

We must not forget that the Bovespa was one of the largest waterfalls in the world, and especially to the problems of our economy, and also because of the fact that an emerging market with the liquidity in the various segments, and, therefore, more pressure for quick exits from asset managers looking for protection.

The situation was made more positive when the president, Donald Trump said that Opec+ you want to cut some 20 million BARRELS from the previous 10 million, apparently, to be agreed at the meeting, which was closed at the end of the week.

This has been reinforced by statements from Raphael Bostic, the chairman of the Fed, the regional in Atlanta, saying that the institution is following, ready to take action if it is needed. The World Health Organization (WHO), in a press conference on the Covid-19, he said that there may not be a direct transition from the lockdown (lock) to the freedom of movement, and that it is necessary to look at the situation in the region, but that the country can begin to plan for the eventual departure calculated.

In the international market, the crude oil BEING traded on the New York city fluctuated a lot throughout the day, between the positive and the negative, and was completed in the fall of 0.35 per cent, with a barrel priced at$ 22,68. The euro was traded in a drop light to a level of$ 1,092, and notes by americans to 10 years, with an interest rate of 0.74%. The gold is on the rise and silver fall on Comex and the commodities crash in the Stock market in the Chicago area. The iron ore traded in China, ended with a high of 0.98%, with a metric ton to trade at US$ 85,60.

In the domestic segment, the research, the weekly Focus of the BC’s came to the worst, as you’d expect, with inflation, as measured by the broad consumer price index from the year 2020, dropping to 2,52% (earlier-on 2,72%), Selic interest rate maintained at 3.25% of GDP in a large decline for -1,96% (in the previous -1,18%), and being able to drop even more and the us dollar by the end of the year, rising to$ 4,60. Industrial production, estimated at -142% (previous +0.50 per cent), and trade balance, with a slight improvement to a surplus of US$ 35 billion (prior US$ 34,1 million). The nominal deficit is anticipated to be high for the 9,02% of the GDP of the previous 6,90%).

At the political level, the u.s. Senate has postponed a vote on the budget, the war has already been approved by the house on Wednesday, as u.s. senators did not agree with the powers that would be granted by the Central Bank. Already, B.C. has authorized the repurchase of financial bills (LFs) in order to be presented as a reduction of mandatory term from the banks, up to a maximum of 15% of the binding. The accumulated balance of foreign trade as late as the second week of April showed a surplus of US$ 8,07 billion dollars.

At the political level, the chairman of the board, Rodrigo Maia, and found that the drop in the revenue of the federative entities from being brutal, and it goes up to 30%, and 40%, with the Union to replace, at least in the ratings.

In addition, it is understood that the reform will be even more necessary once the pandemic. Was also the attitude of the banks during the crisis, and the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) reported that the banks have renegotiated between R$ 130/150 billion in loans. Senator Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), have you read the report on the SGP on the Budget, the War, and among other conditions, requires the BC to disseminate on a daily basis the operations are carried out, and creates a new system of operations to the central bank. Takes also to the allocation of funds from the Treasury in the body.

In the market-place, the day, and others, with the behaviour of the drop in interest rates for maturities over the net, and the dollar closed the day with an appreciation of 1.75% and priced from R$ 5,183. On the bm & fbovespa, at its meeting on 8 April, foreign investors turned to access resources in the amount of R$ 264 million, leaving a negative balance in April, of R$ 2,04 billion, and net outflows for the year to R$ 666,4 million.

In the stock market, the stock markets of Europe, without any operation, and in the north american market, the Dow Jones industrial average is closing at the -1,39% and the Nasdaq composite with +0,48%. In the Capital, a day-of-high-1.49% (high end), and the index in the 78.835 points.

On the agenda is empty today, we have the IBC-Br to February (prior to the GDP), which is already quite outdated, and in the us the speeches of the speaker of the house of Ot. Louis, James Bullard and the Fed of Chicago Charles Evans.


Alvaro Bandeira

The chief economist of the Bank for the Digital Modalmais


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