Chris Hemsworth reveals that he has returned to Australia because of the “time-of-Hollywood – Today

For the time, with a career in Hollywood took for Chris Hemsworth to return to Australia with his family in the year 2015.

The “Thor” Universe, Cinematic, Marvel comics has confirmed that it was not the love of your life in California, and he decided to go back to his country in the final.

“When you are overwhelmed by the work, all of the conversations that you have, and all of the billboards and that they are all related to a movie, or anything else in the industry. You lose perspective,” he said in an interview with the australian edition of The Sunday Telegraph about the experience of the Los Angeles area.

According to the actor, the move to Byron Bay in New South Wales, australia, has proven to be quite beneficial, both for him and for his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and their three children.

“There’s not a single person you interact with, or close friends, who are actually in the industry and it’s very, very cool. It’s great for my kids and for my wife, she confirmed.

In the next movie, Chris Hemsworth is a “thriller” in action “in What a Rake: the Rescue Operation” and will be available this week (the 24th) in the Series.