Denis Villeneuve, he has divided the Dune into two films


For more on the iconic book written by Frank Herbert has been adapted for both film and TELEVISION, the as-yet unreleased version, directed by Denis Villeneuve (With The Arrival Of, 2016) will be a new division of the story into two movies. According to the managing director, this is not a requirement for who topasse to participate in the project.

“The world [do livro] it is a very complex one. It is a world in which force has to be shown in the detail”, “said the director. “As much as I love the book, it seems to me that it is the baron Vladimir, at times, into a caricature. I have tried to bring it up to a whole other dimension. This is why I brought Stellan [Skarsgard]he’s got something in his eye. Do you feel that there is a person thinking, thinking, thinking about the tension that is in you, he is calculating in his mind, through your eyes. I was able to bear witness to it, is a scary one.”

Played by Timothée Chalamet, and with Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem, and Josh Brolin in the cast, Dune no release date yet, only to the end of the year, on the 18th of December. At least for the time being, only the first film is maintained. The Warner bros. and Legendary Entertainment will prefer to wait for their sales performance before giving the green light for a sequel. In any case, Jon’s Spraihts is already working on the script.

If the project is successful, there is also a provision for a a spin-off the format of the series, and the Dune: Sisterhoodthat would be shown in the streaming Serves a daily continental breakfast for Max. But that is not a conversation it is still very early days, it depends on the proper performance of his on the big screen.

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