Finished With A Self-Made? 5 films and tv shows of beauty to watch, ever


The mini-series is Self-Made, based on the life of Madam C. J. Walker, came just at the right time and won over the audience in the early days of social isolation. The story is based on the story of the first black woman to become a millionaire in the United States just after creating an empire of itself. It’s no coincidence that the number viralizou among the fans, for the contents of the universe beauté.

The one who ended up seeing all four episodes, starring Octavia Spencer, the good news is that there are a lot of other products for you to explore in the area.

The Cities you’ve selected five of the series bottom of the ocean available the services of streaming and worth the marathon:


Glow-Up, Netflix And More

In the the reality, make-up artists face challenges in the pursuit of the opportunity to pursue a career in the world of beauty. For this reason, you need to stand out in numerous tests, as well as create looks for a library, do a tutorial on YouTube on using food as a beauty product, or to develop up into a fashion show.

In the first episode, the contestants face the pressure of a surprise to the jury, such as Val Garland, the director of the L’oréal Paris and make-up artist of MAC Cosmetics, Dominic Skinner. In addition, to a guest expert comes up with every new episode.

Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin The Story, Is Amazon Prime

In the documentary, this is a great tip for anyone who wants to learn about the history of the make-up artist, photographer, and author of the american Kevyn Aucoin. For the professional, loved by celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Cher, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell, it was a big hit in the 1990’s and the trends of today.

Episode of Makeup Mayhem, the First, (Disservice is to the Consumer, Netflix

In the first episode of the series, released in 2019, shows you how influencers professionals marketing they act to stimulate the consumption and raise the demand for cosmetics has. It also looks at how the market has the pirate show, and putting at risk the health of consumers.

One of the interviewees in the series, reminds us of a time that I wanted to buy a Case with a Lip Kit, a collection of the make-up of a businesswoman Kylie Jenner, but it was decided by a product of “the pirate”. Once you apply it, it tells you that your lips were glued together for the sake of all the ingredients present in the formulation of imitation.

Good Hair, An Amazon Prime Video

The documentary is relaxed, it has been produced by a comedian, american, Chris Rock after his daughters asked, “why don’t we have the hair a good thing?”. In it, the player visits a number of sections of the beauties of directed to the community of african of the United States, in order to understand what is the role of hair into the construction of the identity of the colored women of the country.

The Goop Lab, As Well As Netflix

Although it’s been strongly criticised by experts, a series of Goop Lab, as well as on the company’s lifestyle and well-being, Goop, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, has had success in the Series.

But, before you throw in the hints of Comedy, it’s good to be aware of the warning given by the office of streaming: “The show was designed to entertain and inform, but we do not provide advice to doctors. An important caveat, because that is the brand name of the lifestyle you have a history of the councils, with a somewhat dubious when it comes to self-care.

Each episode focuses on a different subject – the healing energy of the complex in the cold – and brings together case studies, interviews, Comedy, with the experts, and footage of the staff of the Goop, making studies in the field.