Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds put together for the noble cause of Entertainment


Everyone knows about the fight between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, Deadpool, and Wolverine, respectively. But once again, the two actors have decided to set aside their differences and come together for a good cause. Well, at least they tried!

Reynolds and Jackman are good friends for many years, and once in a while, make a few jokes to cheer up the fans. This time around they decided to embrace a worthy cause, your All-In Challenge.

This challenge was posed by the Fanatics, and is designed to help children, the elderly, and the heroes are the front line during a pandemic, the COVID-19. As you can read on the official website, the two actors are going to sell lemonade with the kids who have won the competition. The investments are made through the use of hand-outs. Every $ 10 is equal to 10 inputs, and there is a limit to the maximum of 200 entries.

You can see in the hilarious video below:

Hugh Jackman recently spoke about the future of the Wolverine in the UCM, suggesting that it could be entered into the UCM, if the business is Disney’s the Fox that had happened earlier. In the case of Ryan Reynolds, what it does do, at least for a movie like Deadpool, he is currently in talks with Netflix to star in Dragon’s Lair.

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