Jane Fonda launches new collection in support of people affected by the coronavirus


Well-known for the activism of the American actress Jane Fonda has launched a small clothing line with a purpose charity. The price of the parts will be 100% back to causes that fight for the environment and for the workers that are affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The mini-collection is limited and includes two sets of sweatpants, and two t-shirts, for example.

Come with me and learn the ins and outs!

Last week, Jane Fonda posted a picture on Instagram wearing a conjunto of the sweatshirt in grey. Banners with the colors of the rainbow and the last name of the actress is found at the sides of the shirt, with long sleeves and pants.

Immediately, a few followers have asked where they could buy it in the bundle. “Not wanting to be a capitalist, but… are You selling it????”, he questioned one of them. Keeping an eye on the fans, Jane is met by the application.

“After seeing all the love as the clothes allowed, my friends Crafted HER, decided to produce a limited run of the collection. Every purchase helps in the fight against climate change, and to provide assistance to our business services and the workers that are affected by the Covid-19,” reports on Monday (13/04).

All of the proceeds from the sale of the goods shall be referred to two reasons for this: a Fire Drill on Friday, the action of Fonda’s charging policy for the sake of the environment, and the initiative for One Fair Wage, which calls for the payment of the minimum wage for full-workers as.

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The project has set up a fund to help the staff in the restaurants, drivers, applications, shippers, and professionals-personal services-are affected by the pandemic, the Covid-19.

Jane Fonda
This conjuntinho gray-Jane Fonda has made the biggest hit among his fans. Take a look at the sides, with a ribbon in the colors of the rainbow, and the surname Fonda
Jane Fonda
Already on Monday (13/04), the american actress and activist, has announced the launch of a small, limited collection with the collection, and two t-shirts
Jane Fonda Collection
All the parts have been released by the brand is Crafted IT, and all of the proceeds will be given to two possible reasons: – Fire Drill on Friday, as an initiative of its own Jane Fonda, and the One Fair Wage
Jane Fonda Collection
The option of the conjuntinho in navy blue
Jane Fonda Collection
The initiative is the Fire Drill on Friday (the logo on the t-shirt is asking for policies to combat climate change
Jane Fonda Collection
The collection will also help you with an emergency One, a Fair Wage for the workers that are affected by the coronavirus

By 2019, Jane Fonda was arrested four times in Washington, dc, the capital of the United States for participating in protests over climate change. In all of these cases, the fashion was there, with the red jacket, the actress has turned in to an essential piece in their looks the demonstrations began.

And if you align even more consumer awareness, Fonda has come to make the statement that this was the last piece of clothing she’d buy it. The color red appears in the other items that an artist uses when it draws the attention to the causes she stands for.

A few days ago, she stressed the need to tackle climate change, with the same importance as the pandemic of Sars-CoV-2. In the picture, the post used red socks emblazoned with the face of a young girl Greta Thunberg, known for activism on behalf of the environment.

On another occasion, Fonda wore a red bandana on the organization’s policy of Working America in the face, to give a talk about a shortage of materials, for protection of health care workers who are on the front line of the gift to combat the coronavirus. Among them, face masks-disposable.

“This is not a personal protective equipment (PPE). Bandanas and scarves are not to offer virtually no protection for patients from COVID-19 is highly contagious,” he said.

Jane Fonda
“Each purchase helps in the fight against climate change, and to provide assistance to our business services and the workers that are affected by the Covid-19,” says Jane Fonda of the collection
By 2019, the actress, has been arrested four times in protests, the environmental, in Washington, dc. In all, he used his inseparable red jacket, the last piece, which she said she bought it at the time
Jane Fonda
At the beginning of the month, Jane Fonda has released this picture of a half-inspired by a young activist Greta Thunberg
Jane Fonda
A photo of an activist, calling attention to the lack of proper personal protective equipment for health care workers. The red bandana was a warning to show that the tissues are not the protections of the safe
Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda’s efforts in advocacy, even for the social

Another turning point in the activism of Fonda, was a police sketch of the early 1970s that he turned to a print of a t-shirt. At the time, she was arrested for supposedly smuggling drugs,” when, in fact, was carrying a bag of vitamins for her activities against the Vietnam War.

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The american actress became known for the videos workout and it was released in cinemas in the movie, and Even the Strong Falter. Today, it is one of the main protagonists of the series, Grace and Frankie, Netflix’s. A militant from the 1960s, ” she pointed to a long career in the fight for women’s rights.

Jane Fonda is a political activist and women’s rights from the very beginning of his career. This police sketch from the 1970’s, it became the pattern for the t-shirt

With the size of the PP, the GGGG, and the pieces from the Jane Fonda Collection, can be ordered from the web site of the Crafted IT, with a delivery time of four to six weeks, including in the united states!

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