Jennifer Aniston is suspected of cheating, and it cuts to Brad Pitt – the liver


The actress is a little suspicious that the partner maintains the relationship, extra-marital, and gave to him at the table.

19/04/2020 • 19 H 43

Several months ago, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s established, in secret, in the novel, who have lived in the past, and now, when we all thought that the relationship was stronger than ever, the star of ‘Friends,’ he got tired of some of the actions of the actor, and asked for time to give.

According to the magazine ‘Heat’, the evil being raised in front of the actors, they go into isolation, at which point Brad Pitt would have to leave in a manner consistent with the friend, Alia Shawkat, and with a variety of sources to give an account of an approach of love between the two of them. The “She’s already told Brad that it’s better for them to be separate, to let him or her know the actual you want!”it starts with explaining a source close to the actress, adding that a quarantine merely confirming the distance between the two actors.

“They’re in separate houses, and if the relationship was not good, the fact is that this separation is not helping. They are further away than ever, and Brad Pitt to take advantage of this period to try and spend some quality time with the kids.”

The children are asking to go out
The truth is that Brad Pitt has been a big concern for privacy, because the parents of six children, in common with Angelina Jolie, have expressed the desire to spend more time with his father, due to the pressure of the show. “For them, it is not easy to spend this time with her mother, because, after all, Angelina has a business and that’s hard. So Brad is trying to manage the conflict from a distance, and to bring the children closer to him,” says the source.

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