Katy Perry, who is pregnant, and it is in quarantine, she laments the death of a cat from the pet – and More


The singer Katy Perry.

The singer Katy Perry. Photo: Instagram/@katyperry

To cope with the social isolation and quarantine because of pandemic coronaviruses it is not easy for anyone. And to deal with the grief of a pet, in the middle of the road, do you?

Katy Perry use of the social networks on Sunday, the 19th, to say that the cat died after 15 years of living together.

“Kitty Purry crawled for the first time, my boyfriend is 15 years old, fully pregnant and looking for a home. In two batches, and many moons later, this stray cat from the street and has become a mascot of adorable to many, took out.

Death, and bereavement: what to do when your cat or dog to die?

The singer has said that the Kitten died, on Friday, the 17th. “I hope it will rest on the fillets of salmon and tuna tartare as well at the heaven of cats. Kitty, thank you for the hugs and kisses, and companionship along the way,” he said.

Most recently, Katy Perry has announced, through a video Never Worn Whitethat you are pregnant. She is expecting a child, as a result of a relationship with the actor Orlando Bloom.