LEAK – Kanye-West-Cristiano Ronaldo and Angelina Jolie. The celebrities who are helping in the fight against the devastating effects of the Covid-19


With the passage of time, the devastating effects of the pandemic, the Covid-19, both in terms of health care, both in terms of the economy, they have come under attack on a number of fronts.

It is not only governments and large organizations around the world have been helping to tackle the problems of the lack of hospital supplies, or money to help the citizens in trouble: also a lot of celebrities have done their part.

Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Taylor Swift and Released In X, they have helped us, individually, to all the fans who have been struggling with a lack of money to pay the bills. For example, it has been sending between 500 and 1000 us dollars (460 to 920 euros) to all the fans who are not able to pay the bill, and encouraging his followers on the social networks to stay in the house.

It already Jay-Z and Rihanna they have, by their charity, the Shawn Carter Foundation, and the Clara Lionel Foundation, which donated large sums of money in cash for a variety of reasons. The rapper donated $ 1 million dollars (920 million euros) to help health-care workers and their families, the elderly, immigrants, the homeless, and the imprisoned, both in New York and Los Angeles. The singer from Barbados has donated 5 million to $ 4 million and 600 thousand euros), to several health care institutions that are working to fight the pandemic.

The couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian it has helped them on an individual basis, with the rapper to donate money to two nonprofit organizations that help feed those in need, who is in Los Angeles, or in Chicago, the city, and the star of the reality tv shows, donating 20% of all profits from his clothing to an institution that helps poor children.

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The photos Angelina Diamond and Emilia Clarke (from the series “War of The Thrones”) also, if you are dedicated to a variety of causes: Jolie has donated $ 1 million (920 thousand euros) to the association At the Kid’s Hungry, you have to fight against the starvation of children in need and the Idea is through your institution’s SameYou has been trying to raise money to help the hospitals with a shortage of beds for incoming patients Covid-19.

The creator of the fashion Donatella Versace and he donated 200 thousand euro to the intensive care unit of the hospital San Raffaele in Milan, italy. The players Cristiano Ronaldo and This Year donated 1 million euros each, to assist hospitals in Spain, Portugal, and Argentina.