Netflix releases a good movie about a real estate fraud


Senior Business
Senior Business

The high Turnover, the German movie that deserves to be seen, the blend of action, comedy and you have a road map useful slingshot in the spectator

So many people are comparing it to the new release at Netflix, Senior Business, is a mega-successful film of the year behind The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, some of the key words that are the same as well, as well as fraud and the excessive use of the drug. But as long as the american film, playing the heavy, the telling of a story in the real world, the production of the German-he flirts a lot with the comedy, and step on the brake when you think the plot can go pro is looking for, or I can be with the use of the drug.

The plot: The story of the rise and fall of the three brokers in the real estate game, accumulate wealth, the absurd, in a short time, but fall into a vortex of deception, greed, and drug abuse.

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Well, the truth is, the other elements are right next to it: a protagonist as well as charismatic and talented (David Kross), is the main female character (Janina Uhse) is not nearly as lovely as Margot Robbie and a partner of the Team (Country) that has a vibe very similar to that of Jonah Hill in the film, the american.

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Ready to go, enough with the comparisons, which do not lead to anything at all. “Up to Business” it talks of the ambition and how you might grow in using a different modus operandi. The narrative starts with the Team, ambitious, and like a few others, and plan ways to make money. It starts by realizing that if you rent a house, expensive for the value, etc., and to reallocate that property to many of the construction workers (those who work for the whole day, and that they seek only a place to sleep), the profit would be incredibly higher. It is what it is, even to making up his contract for the job, which he does not possess, and the knowledge that the practice is against the law.

With this starting point, he realizes that he can grow even more, and then enter the two characters that make the film worthwhile. The trio of actors who bring to life the High, Business is good, talented, and charismatic, and it is from the interaction of the three, the script gets more intense, flirting is not just for the action and the comedy, with the addition of the ai in the drama, and especially in the future of the relationship from the Team, and Nicole scherzinger, who was supposed to annoy, but to balance the gameplay.

Senior Business focuses on real estate fraud, and make it clear that the practice is wrong, but it’s amazing how the story of the three, they end up evoking a sense of empathy on the part of the viewer, who becomes the hope that they will somehow have a good outcome in the end. In this sense, the moral of the story is going to encounter with this is the quality of the politically incorrect, and giving the tone more real to the story.

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At the end of the day Senior Business it’s a good plot to watch on a Sunday afternoon, as the project has been the entertainment of the good ones.