Of all the times Demi Lovato taught us to love, overcome obstacles, and go for it!


Demi Lovato it proved to be an example of perseverance and strength. From the very beginning of her career, she has been searching for ways to use your voice for the causes that matter to them, including health, mental well-being. His return has been marked by highlights such as the presentation of a sincere Anyone and in the pursuit of their self-esteem in the I Love Me.

“Always be true to yourself. Listen to your inner self and do what makes you HAPPY, no matter what!”

In a manner of gratitude, to love and to cherish, separate them with a list of all of the lessons and insights that Demi gave us during all these years, in his letters, essays, speeches, and press releases.

The acceptance of the own body is

Demi has never hidden that it has always had eating disorders such as bulimia in his teenage years, as we have seen, in his second feature documentary, the Simply Complicated. Upon his return, the singer has been showing off even more confident with your picture and for inspiring people around the world who are suffering from the same eating disorders.

A conversation is exciting, she explained that it is an internal struggle of overwhelming, and it serves as a door to other negative thoughts. In order to encourage people to love one another, she shared a photo with no issue, and he admitted that in the former the clicks published by it was with photoshop on her body to hide stretch marks and cellulite.

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In the last fight, Demi has been the acceptance of one’s own body-that’s what she’s been working on for the past few months to get along well with your own look and feel.

“I want this to be a new chapter of my life is about being authentic with who I am, instead of trying to meet the standards of other people. So, here I am, without shame, without fear, and proud of my body, you’ve just gone through a lot of things, and it continues to amaze me, I hope, to give the light of the day. If you love and care for you.”, she said.

To use the battlefield to inspire people around the world to be strong

In his documentary, Demetria showed off her greatest battles to support all the people who went through the same thing. In her first documentary film Stay Strong (2012)she spoke openly about her addictions and her depression for the first time. In the second, the Simply Complicated (2017), she opened her heart to talk to you about your setbacks and how she has used this to overcome and become even stronger

“Never be sorry for existing. You can be proud of to be where it is today and as it traveled through on its journey. You are exactly where you should be.”

Use your music to connect with people

She seeks to use her story to make songs, and give support to the person, who go through the same problems you’ve encountered, and it is believed that they can connect with you through this. In addition to this, she goes on to explain how the bad experiences through which he passed, during the whole lifetime of the wrap.

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In her compositions, heartfelt, she shares parts of her life that many would prefer to hide. The hard questions will have to be reflected on a couple of times in his songs. In songs such as Skyscpraper and The Warriorit is a metaphor, and an explanation as to how you are able to become stronger and to overcome all the obstacles that will haunt you.

You have to believe in yourself and not in the other

In the interview, Demi has always exemplified and emphasized, the message of strength and overcoming obstacles, which he has learned. She recalled that at the beginning of his career he read all that in a skirt in the press about it, that it was a “negative energy” that will be able to upset it. According to her, everything began to improve once he began to focus on her without worrying about pleasing others. In her speech, she goes on to explain that the most important lesson to act with kindness and love.

“‘You are beautiful just the way you are, you do not need to change it to satisfy anyone else. In the future, it’s going to turn into a woman, strong, self-confident, and that you deserve to be happy.”

You are amavél and you’ve got the right to love whoever you want

Demi Lovato is very close to that of the fan, and is always looking to offer support and to listen to their story. The singer, by the way, this has always been one of the greatest voices of activism and LGBTQIA+. During his last world tour, the Tell Me You Love Me Tour, And Demi exchanged a sentence with, “tell your parents”, as a form of encouragement and support.
“It was one of the artists campaigning for the legalization of marriage between people of the same sex, in the United States, before the law was passed in the year 2015. In the year 2016, it was awarded the prize in the Forefront of GLAAD, and since then she has done campaigns for raising funds for the charity. It was part of a tribute to the community after the tragedy at the nightclub, Pulse Orlando, and has cancelled concerts in the state of Virginia to the North, after the project of the law on anti-LGBTQ to be approved.

“Being gay is a part of the culture in which we live, and it’s not something to feel ashamed about. Just say that you should keep up with the times in which they live. I was honored to be a voice for the gay community and to be able to play a lesbian on prime time. I think it’s important to show the public that being gay is ok. I’m happy to be fans of such a fault-tolerant”.

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