One World: Together At Home: Why is the musician of the Rolling Stones, played drums for an imaginary?


There are more than 60 years, together with the The Rolling Stones ‘ve done it all. Or rather, almost everything. On Saturday, the 18th, the four band members met virtually to play You Can’t Always Get What You Want the lack of a battery was not an obstacle-to the legendary Charlie Watts to participate along with their partners in the film festival One World: Together, At Home.

The event was organized by the NGO ” Global Citizen, in partnership with the The World Health organization (WHO), and the curators of the Lady Gagabrings together a team of the weight of the music, and the entertainment that gets presented, with the aim to pay homage to health care workers, and to strengthen the measures for social distancing in the caution of the Covid-19.

With each and every one of the band members (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts, all from their respective houses, and in fulfilment of the social advocated by the WHO, which is the high point of the show is the time that Watt was battery pack for an imaginary. With just a pair of drum sticks and a headset, he has played with the band, playing on the success of the musical instruments and on the couch.

The screen is divided into four parts, one-Watt improvised on the display by using on the sofa with a chimbal, and boxes of instruments, such as bass drums. The dishes on the imaginary left of the left-hand side. The result was hilarious.

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The sound of the battery-probably was pre-recorded, and the septuagenarian band and found a way to participate in it, even without all the other instruments. Because of the multi-Covid-19, this could be the future of the band up until the end of the year, and that he had to postpone his tour in the United States, which was supposed to begin on the 8th of may.

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Watch the video of the presentation:

The good-natured performance, has generated a wave of comments and speculations on Twitter. Check out some of them.

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Tamra Phelps said of Watts, “is playing what appears to be a suitcase and an arm chair. Charlie Watts doesn’t need a battery!”

“I was talking about the music side of things, it is one thing to be able to synchronize the voice and the guitars. Put the battery in? The nuts and bolts. Technically impossible,” she adds Smithwich Midleton.

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“As it is, this is the story of Charlie Watts does not have a battery in the house?”, played Liebish when we first see him.

“I loved that the Rolling Stones have left Charlie to join in, but someone should have warned him,” joked Rob Janicke.

The fact that Charlie Watts has used the arm of the chair, as the battery does not go unnoticed to Paul Kelly. “I think it’s that Charlie Watts would be launching a line of furniture that, in some way, it would allow us to use them as a battery ‘ tweeted.

Chris Puertas, made a pun on the name of the song of the Stones, and in the absence of a battery in Watts. “#YouCantAlwaysGetDrums,” he said.

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