Organized by: Lady Gaga, ‘the greatest live history’ to collect US$ 127.9 million for Culture


More than a hundred of the artists and personalities of culture and politics have teamed up on this last Saturday, the 18th, under the theme of “One World: Together At Home“(One World: Together in the House”). Sponsored by the WHO in the event, the music, the spirit of the “Live Aid” from 1985, won 127.9 million us dollarsfor the battle of the the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Thanks to the health-care professionals, and the slogans of hope, was the message repeated over eight hours of presentations and speeches for the social network, which culminated in a huge concert being televised on which the stars, as the The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga (acting as “trustee” of the event) Jennifer Lopez, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder they had their own homes.

Although the benefit concert seeks to raise funds for the The background to the Response of Solidarity COVID-19from the very beginning it was asked to the audience “don’t mention it in their pockets,” because, in this instance, the responsibility of the grants were in the hands of large corporations and the leaders of the world.

In the house of the artists in the world. The performance is best summed up in the spirit of the time was that the Taylor Swiftthat at the end of the night, performed his song, Soon You’ll Get Betterwith lyrics dedicated to his mother, and in the treatment of cancer, this time it seemed to be a message of encouragement to all around the world.

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The general situation was very much reminded of the event. Designed in the images of the cities such as Paris, Madrid, London, New York and Buenos Aires, argentina entirely in vain.

One of the most anticipated moments was the appearance of the The Rolling Stonesthat, in its almost 60-year career, they have lacked to do anything, they added to this performance is a very peculiar list: interpreting, by the voice call, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Each and every one has made it to his house, and, with the screen divided into four. Mick Jagger he started singing on his guitar. Keith Richards – having a beer on the table, and Ronnie Wood if you have joined in then, and finally Charlie Watts was the battery the game is built with the objects from daily life, and a lot of imagination. It was a nice scene and atmosphere, which was repeated in each and every one of the music. Because, even in the absence of the public and set to make this type of a concert, a meeting without the physical presence of the persons responsible for the care of the public were not allowed to give it a soul.

The same social distance did not hinder collaborations, such as the John Legend and Sam Smiththat , in combination, have varying interpretations of the classic by Ben E. King Stand By Me. Jennifer Lopezwho sang it Peopleof Barbra Streisand, in her garden, and Lady Gagaperformed Smileof Nat King Cole (piano), has also opted for classical music.

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There was a moment for the Spanish language and culture through the voices of the Malumawith its own version of the The carnivalfrom Celia Cruz, and a cameo appearance from the J Balvin he has given advice in both English and Spanish, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. Citing the “carnival” of life, asking for a “smiley face” is not lost, inviting them to “join the people” or claiming that “soon it will be all the better”, the titles of the songs you choose to build a message for the event.

One day, the social distance and the social networks. In the exceptional circumstances and the power of social media has allowed the audience to meet the most important moments outside of the official handing over. The internet life with the thrill which Lady Gaga he showed you by Instagram prior to the start of the event, and it came to publishing the videos on dancing in front of the tv, while the Elton John and Stevie Wonder if you had it. Other celebrities, such as The Oprah Winfrey Showshared on Twitter the pictures of the dinner you prepared, to keep track of the time. It already Taylor Swift he used social media to thank his fans as soon as you have concluded your presentation.

Among the presentations, several different people have taken advantage of the opportunity to send their messages. One of the first was the the UN secretary-general, António Guterreswho asked for it, “the universal language of music” is used to thank all those health care workers, and those affected by the pandemic. The former first ladies of the United States First Lady Michelle Obama and She it also appeared in the same video, just a few minutes before The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Herwho has not sung, has sent a message of thanks, and to dedicate the night to the doctors, nurses, and those in the food industry, the postal service, and clean, which makes it possible that you can be secure in our own homes.”

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