Originally, Iron Man would have an interest in Spider-Man 2


The Screen Rant he revealed that the original Marvel Comics he intended to present to The man in the Iron on the big screen by participating in the Spider-Man 2, The Sam Raimi.

Of course, he wouldn’t be Robert Downey Jr. since mid-2003 (the year of the burning of the long as well, the idea for the establishment of the Marvel Studios it was pretty much non-existent.

In the original script, it was specified that the Tony Stark it would be the creator of the sonic the Otto Octavius. Later, the concept has been left aside, since the order was in force only in the world of a buddy in the neighborhood.

USING life of the famous Iron Man to Crossover with the Spider-Man 2 ...
the credits on the image.

The school of Spider-Man the Tobey Maguire started in 2002, with a closing in 2007. A fourth film was in development with a release confirmed for 2011; however, due to the differences in the creative director’s Sam Raimi, Sony Pictures’ life has not been carried out.

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