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20/04/2020 09h51 – up-to-Date on the 20/04/2020 09h51

A woman who has done 50 surgeries to be “similar” to the actress, she was diagnosed with the disease

By: Gil Martins/Acoustic-FM – Photo: Playback/Instagram

“Angelina Jolie of iran” is said to be diagnosed with the coronavirus

Recently, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI), announced that the woman known as the “Angelina Jolie of iran”, it would be Covid-19. He’s had 50 surgeries to be “similar” with Angelina Jolie.

Freedom of Khishvand, is arrested and accused of the “crime, cultural and moral, and of social, such as “blasphemy”. Beginning in October of 2019, and she has been in prison.

O CHRIST, you believe that the detention is arbitrary. “It seems to us inconceivable that such a young person to have contracted the coronavirus in such circumstances, as a warrant of arrest has been extended for such a long time,” said human rights lawyer Payam Derafshan.

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