Rolled up, and the Living are among the films on TV this


Two great animations that are going to be included in the programming of films on TELEVISION this Monday (20th). One of them is Woundthat is, the film of the Session in the Afternoon, the Globo TV, and will air at 14h58.

The film is a retelling of the story of the princess Rapunzel. In the story, a thief’s is to embark on an adventure around the world, which makes the revelations about his true identity.

The other film, animated amazing-to be in the telinhas it Live The Life Of A Party. the production of a Security will be shown on the Disney Channel at 20: 30.

The plot brings in a boy, a mexican who longs to be a musician, but does not have the support of their families. Your passion will eventually lead you to the world of the dead, where it comes in contact with your family.

Here are some other highlights of the latter:

The monsters in the well

Two of the creatures look scary, but they are the good guys in their stories are going to be on TV today. They are in the world On The Way To The Water and Kong: The Island Of The Skull; the first feature film to be shown on Fox at 16h55, and the second one in the TV World (the Screen, a Hot, at 23h14.

In On The Way To The Wateran amphibious humanoid falls in love with a member of the laboratory of the government. Already, the long, the gigantic gorilla, a group of soldiers go to the island that it dominates.

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Marvel comics

The heroes of the Marvel comics it also comes with everything in the second one. One of them is a Buddy in the Neighbourhood Spider-man: Far From Home; the film will be shown on HBO 2 at 22 hs.

This time around, Peter Parker (Tom Holland), just want to go on a trip with her graduating class in the college, but a number of creatures to carry out attacks in the mysterious where it goes.

The other is the production of a MCU that is in the telinhas it Doctor Strange; the film is part of the programming in the Space of 22: 30. The plot brings the story of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a doctor, is arrogant, that he travels to cure you of your hand in a car accident, but it turns out to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

Paulo Gustavo

Fans of the comedian Paulo Gustavo, you also are going to enjoy today They Will Be Glued To The Movie and My Life On Mars. The first feature film to be shown on the Megapix, at 18h35, and the second one at the Movies Popcorn, at 20h05.

It will Glue to adapt the program to your TV and it shows Adam, a former billionaire who has just suffered a stroke and is moving in to the neighborhood to the Shelter. Already, in a different production, and Gustavo plays the best friend of the character of Monica Martelli, who is having a crisis in their marriage.

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