Sandy,&, Junior, and Her will lives on this week, check out the other artists.


The lives, the internet has been the way in which a lot of artists are trying to continue showing her work during the years. This is so because of the pandemic of the coronavirus that prevents that is made to concerts, and cultural events that may cause congestion, according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). With this in mind, the journal THE ST. GEORGE brought together in the next lives, which will take place this week, starting this Monday (20th) to Sunday (the 26th).

On Monday (the 20th), the group, the Harmony of this song will give you a start on the events from the 18, on your youtube channel. Soon after, the lead singer Of will to live in solidarity, and in their Youtube video, to 20, with the goal of raising funds to buy food baskets for families in need. We will have Hound, to 20, on Youtube, a group of Friends (Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano, Chitãozinho & Xororó e Leonardo), at 20, is also on Youtube, and also KondZilla Festival with Dani, Russian, Kevinho, Lexa, and MC Provided), and for those who like to funk, to 20, Youtube. To the end of the night, we’ll have Joao Bosco & Vinicius de Moraes singing in the sofrência on Youtube, the 21.

On Tuesday (May 21), the group’s imagery will be on display until 18 o’clock, also on Youtube. The brothers, Sandy and Junior, will also be a live, in solidarity, to raise funds for the charity Hungry for Music, a 20, Youtube.

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On Wednesday (the 22nd), it’s the turn of Beauty, for 19 report by the open society, I am 20, and the two will make a statement on the Youtube page. For those who like world music, the Festival and the Jersey 4 Jersey (Bon Jovi, Halsey, SZA, and more will be on the fourth Thursday (the 22nd), at 20h, and will be for the purpose of raising funds for the state of New Jersey, is one of the cities worst-hit by the (new) coronavirus in the United States. The event will be broadcast in Brazil through the app to the Apple Music and the AppleTV.

On the next Thursday (the 23rd), we will need Up to 18 hours on Youtube.

On Friday (the 24th), we will be able to listen to the singer’s Compassion for 18, I Key the 20, the duo Simone and I to the 21, and the singer’s Felipe Aguilar at 22: 30. All of these shows will be streamed on Youtube.

On Saturday (May 25), the program on the Youtube, you will need start early, with a concert of the group, Grin, too, 15, the by Rick and Renner for 16, of Hugo, and William, at 17, Bell Marques, also, if you will, to 17, Least is is ace 18, Melim, at 19, and Gustavo Miyon 20. It is worth mentioning that, on this day, and upon in the novel Fina Estampa, a Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo will perform a life, which is broadcast by the Globo TV network, Globoplay, post-mortem takes place, cross-platform, digital and social media.

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On Sunday (26), and in the lives of the simple end of the week, and will be of Mumuzinho, for 16 hours, and the Video for Santana at 18.