Selena Gomez handles the game in mobile by using your image


Decide to make love, the human world – Outlook on the Game is a game, a mobile in the style of “dress-up” was created by a chinese from Guangzhou to Fiedong Software Technology and distributed by the british MutantBox Interactive Limited. Very similar to the old Us, the enjoyment of the game is to dress up the characters as well, similar to his own.

Singer Selena Gomez has started a lawsuit against both companies for alleged misuse of his image.

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Selena Gomez Clothes Here: this is the issue

According to a recent article published by the GamesIndustry the art used in the game, was found guilty by the artist in a process that is worth $ 10 million. In the comparison below, it is possible to identify a similarity between a photoshoot done for the magazine, Flare Magazine, for the year 2015.

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The other point is that it has been laid down in the complaint, it was the game to have a “practical ” unpleasant” to promote the shop within the game, they come to $99.99.

We are looking forward to the outcome of this legal dispute.

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