She welcomes new and challenging, on the reality tv show, ” The Four-Brazil.’


This Wednesday (the 15th), and the reality tv show, “The Four “Brazil”, led by the director She Was and it appears by the Record of the TV, you will need to view in the sixth episode.

At that time, a new and highly challenging, you will be greeted by the host, and he will try to take the seat out of the four finalists of the program, and up to the present moment: the Soul of Thomas, and Jazerrel, george a. Romero Ribeiro, Thais and Kiwis. The last person to win a place in the final of the Italian press, in the last Wednesday (08).

According to the information on the website, watch the Television, between the successes of both national and international, to a soundtrack of the sixth installment of The “Four” in Brazil,” it is promising to stir up the night’s viewing of the program.

The names, as a Youth, Erasmo Carlos, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Art, Popular, and Louis Armstrong have all of his success, interpreted by the contestants of the reality tv show, the music on the Record, on TV.

From the 22nd of march and the program is up in the air, and it is displayed at the time of 22: 30, shortly after it was occupied by the previous track. Currently, the tv is the viewing of Jesus.

To understand the format of the program

For those who don’t know the format of The “Four” in Brazil,” it can be said that reality has a beginning, where all the others like him to end up at the final.

Off the bat, you have four people who are regarded as the candidates of the program, and the new employees need to be better than them in order to be able to win a seat.

Thus, in the course of their careers, the winners in question have to do everything in order to be able to keep their jobs, because they are constantly being threatened by the newcomers as they come in. Those who are unable to keep up with the latest episode, will play for the prize.

It is valid to note that, currently, the judges on the program are singer Aline Wirley, and the producer, João Marcello Bôsco. In addition to these, an actor and a musician Paulo Miklos is also in the integrand on the bench of the judges for the second season of The Four in Brazil.

The format of the talks, it cannot be said that they are renewed each and every episode, and they need to play a new song, mixing the emotion and the technique to be able to appeal to the jury, and, thus, outperform their competitors.

After this initial phase, in which the semi-finalists attempt to keep their places, and the four who are left, will face off in a duel, and the winner will be chosen by the public to The Four in Brazil. The program contains the content about job candidates on social networks, as well as a behind-the-scenes of the show, and it also carries out surveys to the sabre what the public is thinking about its customers.

The design of the program and belongs to the Armoza, the station was an israeli, and has a production of Endemol Shine in Brazil.

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