Singer, album, boyfriend, She seemed critical of the dance

Boyfriend of Sasha, John Figueredo has shown all his swinging on social networks (Picture: Playback/ Instagram)

Ever since it was announced for the first time She Was, João Figueiredo went on to have his life laid out, and commented upon on social media. On the evening of this Monday (the 13th), on the contrary, he must have countered some of the criticism they have received in the post with a video (watch below) in which it appears, dancing to the music.

In the footage, the singer, a gospel that shows all of your swing by making moves to the sound of the music and Intentions of Justin Bieber. “Desenferrujando”, legends the artist, who has made a statement to the girlfriend, the famous, last week.

João Figueiredo has received a lot of praise but also won him criticism in the comments. Some internet users have commented, for example, which is famous as a dancer and a good singer,” while others complained about the choice of the song: “The ministry there, the church can play this song?”.

“It’s not because I’m a singer that you can’t have a good time dancing to the music. I do, wasn’t it [risos]? With respect to my story, when I was about 9 years old, and it was hip-hop brushed off it, without losing any of the humor.

In the Stories of Instagram, Success has also shared a video with bloopers and continuity errors. “I just wanted to dance the same to Yudi Tamashiro” once joked about it, referring to the ex-host of Good morning, & Co. is LOCATED.

It’s important to remember that She and John have taken over the dating public at the beginning of April. There are, however, some of the times, they are referring to. In August of 2019, and they went to the country with a group of friends on a mission trip.

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