Squad-the Suicide king to the audiences through the Channel in Hollywood


Squadron, a Suicide bomber made his debut in Portuguese television and he was the king of the court. A selection of premium Channel Hollywood blockbusters, has won the audiences of the Portuguese.

One of the selections for the premium for the month of April, the “Squad Suicide” is not the movie of the month for the Channel, Hollywood also the best ever in its history. Shown for the first time on Sunday, the 12th of April, is the movie anti-heroes from the DC universe became the most watched film ever on the Channel, in Hollywood, with an audience share of 6.6%, and a total of 282.400 audience!

“Squad Suicide” is a action movie, with an all-star cast that reunites Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, and Viola Davis. Together, they are the bad guys of the Squad’s Suicide,” a team made up of the most dangerous, till now imprisoned Super-Villains in the world, armed with the most powerful arsenal in the quest to defeat a mysterious and invincible authority.

The film boosted the Channel to Hollywood to win an all-time record in terms of average audience in a single day – and the channel has been seen by over 100 thousand Portuguese, and a base number that has remained constant in the course of his seven feature films in the daily schedule.

“Squad Suicide” won the first place in somewhere in the top 5 they are the “Bad Boys II” that appear in February, 2015 with 256 thousand spectators), “The Expendables”, “the Homefront”, and “Real Steel”. According to Paulo Bénard Guedes, director of programming for the channel, the states that

“we are very pleased that you feel that our program remains on track, and to appeal to the majority of the audience. In these troubled times, that we spend so much time in the house, we’ve got a challenge for even the most discerning in the selection of our content, so we will continue to strive to be a place of entertainment on television in the Uk”

The Channel to Hollywood, reinforcing its position as a benchmark in the subject matter of the film in the Uk and seeing the distinction that you have received it in 2019 at the latest, by the eighth year in a row, to be a leader on the subject of movies and tv shows in the Uk, with an audience share average of 2.5 percent over the total of homes with a cable to the data in the MMW/Mediamonitor/GRP).

Do you ever watch the movies Channel Hollywood?

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