The actor from the X-Men and becomes a villain of Spider-Man at the official images of the Marvel comics


Jerad Marantz professional, Marvel has unveiled the official images of Michael Fassbender as a well-known villain from the Spider-Man costume. In the world of comic books, the actor was known for being a young Magneto from the movie X-Men.

The point is that, to the dismay of the fans, all the images are from a project which has already taken place, and that the actor did not get the role. The art is from The Spectacular Spider-Man.

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The movie was the Peter Parker of Andrew Garfield. In it, the Lizard was a villain, and with the role up with Rhys Ifans.

In the publication on Instagram, Marantz has unveiled concept art from the series. With them, they told me that the star of the X-Men, was considered to be the role.

For this reason, the illustrator had used the appearance of Michael Fassbender as the basis for the images. Check it out below.

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It is worth noting that this is the story of Peter Parker, was not followed up upon, The Spectacular Spider-Man 2.

At the time, Spider-Man, is well established in the movie theaters. The current artist-hero, Tom Holland, it seems to have a great future ahead of him.

The character must appear in more films in the MCU, the universe of film from the Marvel comics, and still has to face the Venom on the big screen. In addition to this, Spider-Man 3 is yet to be confirmed.

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There are only a few details about your project. The bad guy in Spider-Man 3, for example, it has been revealed.

In addition, Tom Holland, Zendaya back to the movie, as the ministry of JUSTICE. The director is Jon Watts.

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Spider-man 3 is scheduled to premiere in July of 2021.