The Band pearl jam to Lady Gaga, check out the dates for the next few lives, and of the international week

The “fever” of the lives. you have crossed all the continents of the world and not just of the artists have given to their way of staying close to the fans, but also many international artists that has been organized to continue performing, and to give up the dream of relief from all of the alarming news regarding the global pandemic of the COVID-19.

This week, in particular, the “One World: Together, at Home, in the much-awaited event, organized by the multi-faceted artist Lady Gaga, which is supposed to “pull together” name aclamadíssimos of the song on the 18th.

“Get together”, as broadcast live on TELEVISION in the U.S. and on the internet for the whole world, stars such as Eddie Vedder, of the Pearl JamAnd Elton John, Billie Eilish, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Lizzo, Keith Urban and Paul McCartney, they will make their presentations each and every one of your home, adhering to the guidance on the WHO, save for the lack of contact to the end of the lower curve of the transmission of the coronaviruses.

In addition to the stars above, who announced this live this week as it was the Killers! With a performance scheduled to take place on the same day as the “One World”, on April 18th, the band will be opening the show for the fans with a q & a session.

The announcement was made on the last day, 11, on Twitter: “Watch as your favorite mobile device while you answer their questions and play some of our songs live,” says the post.

Even though it occurs on the same day, for anyone who is a fan, and you’re trying to decide what to watch, in the event that the Concert occurs, ace 12h30min at the time – the shows will also become available on the channel, MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount Channel – as long as you live in the Killers ‘ just as happens to the 16 hours in the eastern time through the social networks of the band.

And in the united states? The Journal has prepared an article bringing together all of the close to lives, the national, check it out.