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Social isolation, which is determined by the health authorities, it has caused a lot of anxiety in people. But, it may be difficult to find someone with more of an expectation for this all to pass, than for the couples who already began their preparations. And it’s a good way to make the time go by, and at the same time it makes it to production, for the occasion, it can be a study of a few examples that can serve as an inspiration to a lot of people in the choice of some of the items for the european union.

This is the case with alliances, it could be some of the inspiration for the stars and with the designs of the most famous in the world. According to the designer Later Bautz working on these famous it is possible to get an idea of the interesting combinations of styles. “For us to get on the ideal model and in particular it is important to be aware of the profile and the number of likes of your married couple. As a result, this research can add, and really the choice,” he said.

In order to contribute to the designer Later Bautz list the seven marriages of the famous, which is marked by the style of the piece. “In addition to the alliances that they have an incredible good taste, and still are, produced by the real experts. And what is true here is to get to know these role models to inspire the couples and, thus, the beginning of some of the features you’ve selected, you make the choice to create a clock custom-designed with a lot of sophistication, which appealed to the couple, true to his style, from the very young to the more experienced,” he observes.

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Marina Ruy Barbosa

The actress wore an alliance is made with a diamond in the center surrounded by smaller stones, made especially for her by the designer, and Andrea Conti. In total, there are A 3-carat stones encrusted in white gold.

Kim O

The american celebrity has chosen a jewel-like quality with a 20-carat diamond IIa (less than 2% of all diamonds in the world are in IIa), and an amount that is more than 30 million of the real. Her husband, Kenny, of West, was the one who presented him with a beautiful piece signed by the designer, Lorraine Schwartz.

Her Extending the invitation.

The united states Schwartz also designed the covenant of the pop diva. The jewelry has a diamond with the stunning 18-carat gold and is worth about $ 5 million.

Jennifer Aniston

The american actress sports a jewel-like quality with an 8-carat diamond, valued at more than 2.5 million dollars that was given to you by your the ex-fiance, Justin Theroux and even after the divorce, she kept the ring in his possession. It’s platinum and it has a very elegant design, in addition to the classic.

Whindersson and Jesus Sonza

The couple’s darling of the internet, Whindersson Nunes e Robert Sonza has opted for a model of wedding rings made by a jeweler Ryder Ranyel, with a total of 53 diamonds in cravejados, and a powerful gloss on the finish and a diamond.

By William Bonner and Natasha For

Coming from classic to modern style, the journalist William Bonner, and a physical therapist to In For have opted for a model of wedding rings made of silver. With a style that is very different!

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And you, like some kind of model? I have liked all of the suggestions.