The director explains that the birth of a Woman, the Cheetah, in Wonder Woman 2


Although it appears prominently in the trailer Wonder Woman 1984the character of the Woman, the Leopard, which he or she lives Kristen Wiigyet it remains something of a mystery. In a new interview at Syfy Wire, which Patty Jenkins has revealed some details about the transformation of the Barbara Minerva, in the form, although details of his relationship with the late Diana[via[viaMB]:

“What are you doing with that, Barbara becomes a Woman, Well it feels like it has never been as good as it was for someone such as Diana. It reminds me of some of the people I have met who have self-confidence is so low that it will always hold”as well, ” says the director. “And then, when they begin to accept the change, a resentment, a very large, built for many years, is revealed”.

Jenkins also said that the relationship between the villain and the heroine develops as a “a misunderstanding at its root” she described the physical confrontation between the two “original, refreshing, and powerful, and yet graceful and sexy.

There are still no details regarding the story’s a long one, but for now, the girl lived for the Gal Gadot is going to be shown back in the 80’s. Chris Next returns to play the role of Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig it will be the bad guy, Barbara Minerva, the Woman in the Leopard, and the Peter Pascal you will be the villain, Max Lord. The direction of Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman 1984 it was one of the highlights of the CCXP 2019with the release of the the first trailer for the feature and new footage the panel in the Studio. The film has been delayed and will arrive in theaters in brazil in On August 13.

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