The director of the Squad on the Suicide comment sexualization of Alerquina


Launched by the year 2016, the Squadron Bombers went on to earn more than us $ 700 million at the box office worldwide, and since its launch, one of the main criticisms of the film was about sexualization experienced by Margot Robbie, with the character of Alerquina. After a fan, share it on Twitter, in a discussion of how the character was portrayed in the film by David Ayer, the director of the long one, he decided to comment on the fact that, using his account on the social networking site.

Also he said that the use of a female protagonist in an abusive relationship, makes that something of the political, and the way Alerquina stood out about the situation, and the images were captured, it was really a political one. In response to a fan, David said he was sharing it with the critics to have been a well-made, thanked him, and concluded to always be learning and growing in this world and that continues in constant change.

With a fortune of$2 Billion, with Victoria Beckham and not have to pay the salaries and lays off 30 employees

The next version of the Squadron’s Bombers, to the theatres, has a premiere date to August 6, 2021, and the account directed by James Gunn. Although some of the characters from the previous version made by David Ayer, part 2 does not have any connection to the previous film.

It remains to be seen whether the dates are to be delayed, or remain the same due to the pandemic caused by a new coronavirus, we need to wait for the official dates to be released.

Most of the actors confirmed for the new version, with Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, and Viola Davis will be coming back for a reboot with the same cast of characters. Margot Robbie may be Alerquina again. Dana Melchior will do a women’s version of the hunting of rats, and David Dastmalchian has joined the cast for giving life to the Man’s Balls.

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