The director of the Squad on the Suicide comment sexualization of harley quinn


The Squadron’s Suicide has been criticized for some reason, but the main one was the super-sexualization of the character is that of Harley Quinn, which he or she lives Margot Robbie. Now, the director of the David Ayer commenting on the issue, the release of the text of a fan, which analyzes the way the character was portrayed.



“A female protagonist in an abusive relationship is not a politician per se, dude. The way his camera and looked at it, it was a political one. The way you used it was a political one. Have you used it as an object, and it still came out on top. It was political also.” he wrote fan in response to a tweet from the director at the beginning of the month.

Ayer has shared the text in praise of the author: “Adwords it is because it is very well-written. Thank you for that. I’m growing and learning in a world that is in constant change.

Launched by the year 2016, The Squadron’s Suicide he made A$746 million at the box office in the world.

The movie, which was directed by James Gunnyou will use some of the same characters, but you don’t have as many connections to the story. The film must be inspired by the photo of the group in the late 1980s, written by Jon’s Skills and The Late Kim Yale. The premiere is scheduled for On August 6, 2021.

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