The Ex-BBB20 turns into a real doll: Real-brazilian speech of the insulation in London, and developed the dolls to pass the time


There are more than 30 days in quarantine in London, the real Israel Cassol has used, the creativity…

There are more than 30 days in quarantine in London, the real Israel Cassol has used his creativity to pass the time and create the doll using the clothing with fabric that are sustainable. The dolls are representations of famous personalities such as Kim Kardashian, and even an ex-sister in the BBB20, Law. “In isolation, I have watched Big Brother on a pay-per-view, and I really identified with her, I wanted her to have won this year, so I created a doll in honor of”.

The followers cheered the idea is to post on their social networks. “It’s amazing,” said one fan. “Very creative, you can be assured,” said the other.

“I’m a big fan of Big Brother, it was a way for me to let off steam in the insulation, as we could not get out of the house, not even by 1 minute, right here in London. Our quarantine is pretty strict, but it is necessary so that everything will pass soon,” concluded delgado.

They also created dolls representing famous personalities like Kim Kardashian for the mask, and at the same time, the world, and Kate Middleton, and Rihanna.
Photo: Handout | C Assistance

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