The Festival of Lady Gaga, WHO raked in almost us$ 670 million


This One’s Easy.

The NGO, Global Citizen, and to the singer Lady Gaga announced on social networking that the festival will appear on this Saturday (the 18th), on the social networks, has raised$ 127.9 million – almost us$ 670 million.

According to the organization, and the resources of One World: Together, At Home, are going to be used in support of the health workers who are fighting back against the multi-Covid-19. “127.9 million of dollars for the relief of the COVID-19.

That’s the power and the impact of the One-World – #TogetherAtHome. Thank you @ladygaga for helping us to create this historic event for the global broadcast,” he said in the post, WHO’s on social media. The show has also been done to encourage people to stay at home, while the social isolation caused by the pandemic, the Covid-19 and the World Health Organization, have reinforced the claim:

“All around the world. stay strong, stay safe, we will soon be together in person”.

The artists in the house

In the event that, as a partnership between the WHO, the World Health Organization – under the guardianship of the singer Lady Gaga has presented some of the biggest names in the international music scene, singing in a home for the lonely.There were over a 100 artists in the lineup, with an eight-hour music and information.

Among other things, the festival brought together, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Billie Eilish, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Wedder (Pearl Jam), Annie Lennox, John Legend, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), and it’s very own Lady Gaga, who sang Smile by Charlie Chaplin, and tore off the chills of the audience. WO/CR

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