The Festival of lives, it marked the end of the week, featuring stars of the national culture, and the world

The RIVER – Without ever leaving your home, in Brazil and around the world have been able to foster and witness — by the end of the week of the quarantine is one of the largest parties ever held by a popular music History. An incalculable number of people throughout the world, attended Saturday’s “One World: Together, at Home, festival, lives, home, who, in the course of its eight-hour length, was Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Lady Gaga (the curator of the event, among other high-profile names of the international pop. In the meantime, the country has leveraged the internet in the lives of the Wesley Safadão (it started Saturday night and ended up on the following day, a gathering of 1.8 million people), most of the Roberto Carlos, Henrique e Juliano, Rust and Anittaon the Sunday following.

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The debut of the King in the lives of the show’s home for bob on the evening of yesterday (or the day on which he completed the age of 79) he began, in a simultaneous transmission to the TV, Domingão do Faustão, with “How great is my love for you” and “you need to learn how to live”. With only two keyboards (with the maestro Eduardo Lages, and Tutuca Borba), the singer took the opportunity to advocate for the use of protective masks (“it only took you because I need to sing it,” he said, showing it to her), and social isolation. Fast, YouTube-to-live has passed the one million concurrent viewers.

Find out how:One World: Together, at Home, to live with Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Anitta, and the other

Considered to be the “Live Aid” in the twenty-first century, “One World” had the goal of raising funds for the World Health Organization (US$ 127.9 million in all), and to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of the measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Broadcast live on the social networks and streaming platforms such as Amazon, Globoplay and how he started out at 15, with performances by such names as Adam Lambert, The Killers, She, Annie Lennox and Jack Johnson.

The Rolling Stones reunited at the live on Saturday for the festival
The Rolling Stones reunited at the live on Saturday for the festival, “One World: Together, at Home Photo: Getty Images / Handout

In the evening many of the piano as Sir Elton John, even led her into the garden, and I interpret “I’m still standing” — the highest point was with the other brits, the Rolling Stones, for example. Coming up, one after the other, in a mosaic camera, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts (they improvised with a air drums and with the band), sang the classic, “You can’t always get what you want. Stevie Wonder was also on song, with a rendition of “Lean on me”, a tribute to Bill Withers, who died in march, and the “Love”s in need of love today”.

Those who waited until 21h10 to listen to Sir Paul McCartney listened to “ ” Lady Madonna,” and a tribute to the beatle’s mother Mary, who was a nurse in the Second world War. “We’re going to say to our leaders, to strengthen health-care systems around the world,” said Paul.

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In the dispute between the versions of Lady Gaga, was “Smile” by Charles Chaplin, as the a couple Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes if you worked in a rendition of “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. At 23, it was enecerrado with Lady Gaga John Legend, Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion the song “The prayer”, written by the latter, accompanied by a virtuoso pianist Lang Lang — the “We are the world” isn’t supposed to be the climax of the festival.

Turning over in the night

Brazil was not too far away from the sisudez of the campaign is a humanitarian who has scored in the “One World”, and it’s gotten to the party of their lives. With up to 10 hours in length, with the presentation of the state of ceará Wesley Safadão took part in the comedian Tirulipa-and it came to pass on the stage with colorful scenery and lighting by a professional, which is mounted on the farm, in the artist’s work. Also on Saturday, the country Mano Walter he did a live ‘On-farm’, with the use of a drone and a special appearance by the player Marthafor the video. He was seen by over 5 million people.

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Anitta, who on Saturday made for a participation in a brief on the “One World”, featuring the colombian singer Juanesit was in the paper on Sunday to the house, he sang “Downtown”, “Ball roll” and “the World of the slum it” in the Music, the Lives of Tik Tok, and LivexLive. Meanwhile, the samba singer from rio, Rust held a pagoda in a home with both musicians, and many of the sponsors in the session, which had grown to more than 500 thousand viewers to the site. In between classics like “It’s in the backyard”, and “Só pra contrariar”, he was asking for donations for the families affected by the coronavirus.

The double-six of the best-known of the country, and Henry, and She is made to live on the farm, the Promised Land, in the city of Porto Nacional, state of Tocantins, where you have a family. With just a few of the musicians, and they have gone through some of his biggest hits, surpassing the mark of 2 million concurrent viewers and raised money and food for families in tocantinenses, and affected by the pandemic.