The five hotels that are fictional in the film to stay in your imagination for a quarantine


Imagine you go to a web site where guests evaluate hotels and to find stories such as these: “a wonderful Place, but don’t go in the winter, and they say that it is evil, haunted,” or “Pleasant surprise!!! I found out a teacher of the dance, amazing!”. The assessments would fit perfectly in some of the most famous hotels in the movies, where the characters are fictional, did you check-in, but they serve as an inspiration for the trips after the quarantine. You know, the following are five of the best hotels in angeles.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

“The Grand Hotel Budapest” (2013)

The facade of the Grand Budapest Hotel, who appears in the film, it is, in fact, a mock-up of Photo-Reproduction
The facade of the Grand Budapest Hotel, who appears in the film, it is, in fact, a mock-up of Photo-Reproduction

The scenery and the character of “The Grand Hotel Budapest” (2013), this five-star resort is the best that could be found in the Republic of Żubrówka from the 1930’s: refinement, elegance, and a team of staff who are able to deal with situations that range from the theft of works of art and very expensive for the occupation of the armies of the fascists. The fictional country that has a whole in the face of Central Europe: the first name is the same as that of a brand of vodka by the Polish, and the filming took place in Görlitz, in eastern Germany, where there is a building in Görlitz Warenhaus, with the backdrop of art nouveau in the lobby of the hotel.

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Overlook Hotel

“The shining” (1980)

Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) there's a scale model of the maze from the Overlook Hotel, where he passes on the story of
Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) there’s a scale model of the maze from the Overlook Hotel, where he passes on the story of “The shining” – Photo: Reproduction

Well, anyone who ends up watching “The shining” (1980) don’t you want to get even closer to the Overlook Hotel, where Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) goes mad while in a dark, cold winter. But it is the resort of the mountain in the book is by Stephen King, adaptadopor by Stanley Kubrick, it is tempting for those who have never heard of a major holiday. Very spacious and surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, not to mention the maze, great fun for the whole family (or not). In the “real world” it is called the Stanley Hotel, which has 142 guest rooms and is the main attraction of estes Park, Colorado.

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Kellerman”s Resort

The “Dirty dancing ” — hot Rhythm” (1987)

Classic scene from
Classic scene from “Dirty dancing – the Rhythm hot -” this one’s easy.

A lot of people identify with the story, “the Dirty-dancing — hot Rhythm” (1987): a teenager is going to upset the household is located in one of the field, and it ends up having much more fun than I expected. The Kellerman”s Resort, surrounded by mountains and on the banks of a lake in the Catskill, New Yotk, this is the scene from the passion of dancer, Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Gray), and the dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). The rustic atmosphere and the history of the hotel, the dummy is held today in the building which served as the location, the Lake, the Mountain Lodge in Virginia.

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Marigold Hotel

“The exotic Hotel Marigold” (2011)

A scene from
A scene from “The exotic Hotel Marigold” – Photo: Reproduction

Who you are never let down when you find out that the hotel is completely different from the images seen on the internet suggest? This is the beginning of the relationship to the guests of the Marigold Hotel , an establishment depauperado in India, which is home to the british senior on the hunt for new experiences in life, as pictured in “The exotic Hotel Marigold” (2011). The funny thing is that the Ravla Khempur, a beautiful mansion of the nineteenth CENTURY, the scenes of the hotel were saved, but not in India, but for the 387km away, and in the vicinity of the Uidapur.

The Hotel Mon Signor

“Grand Hotel” (1995)

Tim Roth and Antonio Banderas in a scene from
Tim Roth and Antonio Banderas in a scene from “the Grand Hotel-Photo: Reproduction

The glory days of the Hotel, the Mon Signor, who had already gone back in time in the history of the “Grand Hotel” (1995), which is going on. On New Year’s eve guests in four en-suite bedrooms in the run-down facility in Hollywood to bring the Ted (Tim Roth), the limits (and beyond) of his / her duties as a hostess. how to take care of the children when their parents went out to a party, going to a fancy bed, or in a rite of sorcery. Many of the scenes in the internal have been shot at the iconic Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

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In other scenarios

A hotel can turn into a character from a movie, no need to change the name, or even have a unique identifier. It does not lack in the movie theater case from the institutions that stole the scene. “A beautiful woman”, for example, as part of the charm of the relationship between the sex worker and the entrepreneur is built up in the luxury suite of the Beverly Wilshire, which has become a tourist attraction in Beverly Hills.

Another example is the Park Hyatt Tokyo in tokyo, almost one-third, the protagonist of “matches and mismatches” to the side of the characters Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. The actress has also recorded important scenes from “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”, at the historic Hotel de la Reconquista, a mansion upwards of 200 years old, in Oviedo (spain) (Spain).

In Las Vegas, it is worth pointing out-the Caesars Palace (“If you drink, don’t marry,” and follow-ups), and the Bellagio Hotel (“the Eleven men and a secret”) as two of the favorites among the members.