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Gusttavo Lima-he was the pioneer lives on in Brazil

The disclosure

Gusttavo Lima-he was the pioneer lives on in Brazil

The success of the audience during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and the singers, of various musical genres found in the lives, and a way to entertain the public and raise funds following the cancellation of the schedule for the shows, and social isolation.

A pioneer in the transmission through the site and to Gusttavo Lima hosted its first streaming of the same time on the 28th of march. Right off the bat, the singer has managed to bring together more than 750-thousand fans, and at the same time, in a performance that was attended by 100 songs for as long as five hours. Despite its success, criticisms have also been raised after the image flagrarem number of people in a facility built for the show.

Even in the midst of the controversy, the miners held a second show on Saturday, October 11, and this success was even more astounding. Right now, live seven-hour, Gusttavo showed a repertoire that is different, and it took over 58.5 million views. In the collection, and the numbers are also highlighted, with 1 million pounds of food, up to 300-thousand bottles of alcohol, into the gel, the 400-thousand-masks, which is 10 thousand, the gloves, the 200-enrollment in training courses in the field of health care, and 10 units of the special summit of intubation.

“I think that these lives have come to be a very valid option, considering both the mental health of the people, but also to do something that is going to help you with the next one. It’s been really cool, to entertain those who are in the house, provided that they are in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is of no use to do this kind of work, in such an event, if they are not in compliance with the recommendations,” says Andrew Coletti, technical, administrative, and fans of the singer.

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The duo Bruno and Marrone is one more that comes from taking advantage of the moment to their social isolation, to carry out the live broadcast on YouTube to raise donations. Held on the 9th of April, the presentation was attended by only 10 persons in the house Bill, in Life, and it was dominated by “binge drinking” in the street.

Since he was a child, the melodies of country cut in the history of the life of the entrepreneur, Thiago silva Adami, owner of Grafitel, and Graphic Arts. A big fan of the region’s inhabitants, the owner, was influenced by the grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles in the style of the music, and now gives it to his wife, and his son, 8-year-old is the schedule of the lives.

“It’s a time when we can gather with the family and enjoy a concert from the comfort of your home. Also, it’s been really nice to be able to help out with a donation. Outside of the jokes, and pearls of the region’s inhabitants say, that it is a pure comedy, and the distraction in the evening”, said Thiago, the son Matheus, who is also a fan of the sound.

Responsible for the highest number of hits at the same time, at the moment, the singer, Linda Thomas, was able to mobilize the 3.3 million people to instantly watch their live held on the 8th of April. In the presentation, it was raised to R$ 400 thousand and 200 tons of food and 500 pounds worth of alcohol into a gel. In the living room of his home, the artist proved to be comfortable when using the dressing, and also used a function of a set of instruments which have been recorded prior to the show) in order to respond to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, and to avoid the crowds.

“I think the ideas of lives, really cool. It is an option that is fun and safe, in addition to the commitment to see the artists getting gifts from the audience. It’s really cool to see performers at ease, being themselves, drinking, playing, laughing, and even flip-flops,” says Caroline, Otranto, human resource assistant, and an admirer of Linda Thomas.

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Lives are non-stop in the country

In spite of the region’s inhabitants have been the pioneers in the lives of the from the containment, and the singers from other genres of music are also present on the same social network. Pericles, the group of Pagoda’s, and the band, KLB has already had the fans and took donations. Today, as of 16 pm, Alexandre Pires performs at the YouTube video. Tomorrow it’s time for the Rust to do a transfer at the same time.

Even some of the stars of the musical olympus pressed. Anitta, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and more artists come together for the festival, One World: Together, At Home, and that is to be broadcast on television all over the world. In Brazil, it will be displayed on the Globe, and the Globoplay and a post-mortem takes place today, beginning at 16h, with the presence of James Leifert. The news came to be is a whole other story, but it has already attracted its own television channels that came in on a wave between them, and the Like, on the TV.

The schedule of upcoming presentations

Saturday 18/04

One World: Together, At Home – 16

Alexandre Pires – 16

Wesley Safadão – 20

Paul – 22h

Fernando e Sorocaba – 22h15

Sunday 19/04

Rust – 16

Henrique e Juliano – 18:

Tuesday 21/04

Dilsinho – 19

Sandy & Junior – 20

Thursday 23/04

Up – 18 hours

Friday 24/04

Simone and I – 21

On Saturday, 25/04

Bell Marques – 17

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Gustavo Miotto – 20

Sunday 26/04

Review of Mumu (Mumuzinho) – 16

Luan Santana – 18:

On Saturday, 02/05

Jorge e Mateus – 17:

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Eduardo martinez/Special to the CITY