The star of the Upcoming Deadline reveals why he decided to get out of Marvel


After 11 years in the role, and Robert Downey, Jr. he said the “Iron Man”, in 2019 at the latest with the Upcoming Deadline, his final adventure in the shoes of the hero.

In a recent interview, the actor he explained that he decided to leave it in the MCU (the Universe of Film from the Marvel comics, and move on to other projects in his career.

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“The war for me was over. Personally, I have now landed in the pasture, more green,” said the actor.

By the “pasture over the green,” the actor, referring to his latest film: a remake of Dr. Dolittle. In the film, Downey Jr. treats the doctor, who has the power to talk to animals.

Dolittle, was released in Brazil in the month of February.

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The former star of the Marvel comics, has already taken the next step in their career, has launched a new project in the HBO tv series Perry Mason.

Robert and his wife, Susan Downey, are the executive producers of the show, which stars Matthew Rhys (“The Americans”) in the title role.

Sharing a preview on Instagram, Downey wrote: “I know it’s Tuesday because I’m still in my pajamas on Sunday. I ALSO know of a way to get an exclusive preview of PERRY MASON.”

The TV’s original Perry Mason starred Raymond Burr and aired from 1957 to 1966. It was based on a series of novels and series written by Erle Stanley Gardner, which was published for the first time in the decade of the 1930’s.

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The new series will be set in Los Angeles in 1932, and, in spite of a few of the details prior to this, the synopsis has already been released:

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“As long as the rest of the country struggles through the Great Depression, the “City of Angels” it has oil, the Olympic Games, the pictures talking to each other, fervently evangelical, and the child, however, it was a very, very, very wrong.”

There is no date set for his debut for Perry Mason.

Here’s the first teaser trailer