The users ‘Fortnite’ do you think that it is a performance of the play by Travis Scott is the leading Journal of Rio


Users of Fortnite do you think that Travis Scott would be set up to do a performance in the game, shortly after the discovery of the tracks in the game data.

The rapper has already been linked to the game, with rumors swirling that he would be appearing in the video game online.

Fans have found clues that are related to Scott’s hidden in the files of the data-mining. Have you encountered this poster, which shows a planet circling around the map Fortnite the above a note in music, as it was also the discovery of a new texture of the planet, which includes footage of the carnival to which they are bound to ‘ Astroworld ‘. As the planet passes through the mouse, with the track “high in the cinema” Scott is playing.

A poster for an upcoming event, it was clear.

– FireMonkey • Fortnite, and Intel® (@iFireMonkey) April , 2020

This is the audio, and texture-have been decrypted![Thankyoufor[Agradecemosa @ MaikyMOficial by looking at the key of the AES)


– HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX), April , 2020

Have not yet been confirmed officially the rumors, but Scott wouldn’t be the first artist to play in the game. Marshmello carried out in the Fortnite: A Battle Royale in February, 2019 . The creators of the game is not confirmed for the show online before-hand, but even after that, the plans for the DJ and the producer-were leaked online.

At the beginning of this year, He released a new collaboration with Friend and Young Thug titled ‘don’t give a Fxk’ . The song was released on the festival’s Astroworld in Houston, texas, in the hip hop music in November, to 550, while the official launch was accompanied by a video complete with special effects, on the heavy side.

Scott was due to headline the Coachella music festival in 2020, this month, and charged to the account, along side Frank Ocean and Rage against the machine. The festival of southern california, usa, has been pushed back to October , however, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of this year, 1251394044653166593 Fortnite it has introduced a brand new emote, which performs ‘Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

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