The video we fix the awful special effects, Henry Cavill


Justice league of america was, without a doubt, one of the film’s super-heroes the most controversial ever made, and the problem was solved by making it a colossal failure in the critical and box-office.

Originally, Zack Snyder was the director of the project, and had already shot almost as a long integer, when it has been fired by Warner bros. during the production.

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The resignation apparently came because the film wasn’t like the approach developed by Snyder on the long form.

Upon termination of employment, Joss Whedon (The Avengers, the Avengers: Age of Ultron) has been brought to the place at all, but rather just a follow up to the work, refilmou for almost the entire movie.

The problem is that both of these refilmagens, in addition to made in a hurry, they also have been made with less budget than they needed, given that the bulk of the money has already been spent on the original recordings.

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At the end of the day, the Justice League has arrived to the movie theaters every patch, and with the new scenes, Whedon is not pleased a bit to the audience, with terrible visual effects — especially the Blue.

Henry Cavill, which is responsible for playing a hero, after saving the scene, with Snyder, he went to work on her new project, Mission: Impossible, ‘ the Effect of Fallout, where your character had a moustache.

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When he came back to the refilmagens of the Justice League, the team of the ‘ Mission: Impossible is not authorized Warner bros. to pull the whiskers of him, and so this change had to be made with visual effects in post-production.

Due to lack of money, or, you know, if there’s a reason for it, the work is done, that the removal was bad, creating a look very bizarre on the face of the character in several scenes, especially the first one.

With this in mind, one fan decided to recreate the scene to repair those special effects are horrible and it just shows, in-house, it was a lot better than the original. See below for the.

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It should be noted that since the release of the film in the cinema, a huge campaign has been created by on the internet calling for the release of the original version of the film, directing by Zack Snyder.

More than two years later, the campaign continues and is gaining more and more fans, including members of the cast of the film.

Until then, time Warner has not given any sign that it will release such a version.