Through the eyes of Geralt, are the black in the first episode of “The Witcher”?


In the course of the first season of “The Witcher”, the audience witnessed some of the battle between Geralt and a different monster, but it was only during his encounter with the Kikimora my escureceram, and his facial expression was a little more aggressive than the rest of the series.

When we look at Geralt (Henry Cavill) for the first time, he is struggling with the Kikimora, and in one stunning scene, and in that moment, in their eyes, and the veins are black. Well, the series hasn’t explained exactly why this happens, but the book should have an explanation.

Excerpt of scene from “The Witcher”, in which Geralt Of Rivia (Henry Cavill) struggles with the Kikimora. Photo/Netflix

That’s because Geralt was under the influence of love, which are all too common in the world of “The Witcher”. Geralt has access to a variety of potions and elixirs that enhance different senses and abilities, depending on what he or she might need. The dark eyes of Geralt, are her pupils fully dilated, allowing him to see better in the dark, which fits the setting of the opening scene of the series.

The world is full of amazing details for “The Witcher” for the witches and wizards had to go through a process of mutation that will make them stronger and faster, but also make them more likely to make the portions, and did not die, as opposed to the average human, they would not be able to. These portions can improve the speed, strength, healing, and much, much more.

Recently, a behind the scenes video has revealed the details of a fight scene of Geralt with a Kikimora. The video is presented in a comparative side-by-side, on the scene, the scene is complete with the development of the performance.

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The series focuses on the story of Geralt, a witch-hunter of monsters in his quest to sail to the Continent, along with a witch and a young princess in search of a key to the security of mankind. “The Witcher” is based on the book series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The production starring Henry Cavill, Freya, He and Anya Chalotra, and it’s already renewed for a second season. The series already has a history is developed for at least seven years, according to the company.

All eight episodes from the first season are available on the book of the Series, the second season premiere, slated for 2021.