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The action movie is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo.

New entry in the Series, Redemption, it ends up promoting at a meeting of the Chief, as the god Thor, Chris Hemsworth, returns to work with Joe and Anthony Russo, after the War, Infinite and Ultimate. Both the brothers to produce such a long one, as long as Joe is still signed on for the tour. Already, the directorate is under the responsibility of the Sam, Hargrave — who was the stunt double for Chris Evans in the Avengers. What a coincidence, isn’t it?

In an interview with the NEW, Hemsworth celebrated the new partnership: “Joe gave me the script during the filming of the latest the Avengers and the idea of working again Sam and Joe’s is pretty awesome. I’ve seen Sam shoot the sequences with stunt doubles, and he always tried to get to know you as the action happens. Many of the stuntmen, film action, impressive no purpose or focus on the visual, the cool — as long as Sam is a story teller, something that I knew I was going to be reflected in the model.

The director of the second unit, in the Ultimate, Sam, Hargrave points out that the protagonist’s Rake — described Hemsworth as “a soul in the light of the day” — this is the main reason of the Redemption of, among others, the productions of the same genre. “I believe that the reason for this being my first film, it’s the nature of the circuit. It can be a great issue for action, and the location, but it’s about someone who makes a mistake and is trying to compensate for them. It is very hard to find touching stories like that, so it’s important to give space to film them.”

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David Harbour (who is also in Marvel comics, with Black Widow) in the squad, the Rescue came with a fearless mercenary, who ends up being hired to rescue the son of the boss of the international crime. The movie comes to the book of the Series on the 24th of April.

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