Will it come back? The new film from the DC, it uses the story of the ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill


On the DC, you will need to give a specific explanation to the fans about the status of the universe of film from the publisher. It looks like there is a divide in this world.

While Aquaman is ignored in the events of the Justice League, The Batman, and the launch of a new, Man-Bat, Wonder Woman’s 1984, although it still uses the old long cd. This information has been confirmed by the magazine Empire.

The publication says that the Wonder Woman 1984, is in the same continuity as Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice. In this way, it is still considered the official story of a Man-of-Steel-Henry Cavill.

The information is that you, Diana, for the character of Gal Gadot, she works in a Museum, Smithsonian institution. The purpose of it is to find mystical items.

So, the movie should be able to explain how Wonder Woman is Batman and Superman at the long end of 2016.

The problem with this story is that it might mean an end to Wonder Woman. Ben Affleck is not coming back as Batman in DC.

In addition to this, the situation is that Henry Cavill is undefined. The actor wants to do a film with Superman, but DC does not take a position.

When you consider the history of the character and even the official cd gives you a double area code. Or do you still want to rely on Henry Cavill, who has a situation that is open, or to prepare for the final farewell of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman?

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In the movie, Wonder Woman 1984 will still have the character Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and the Woman-the snow Leopard (Kristen Wiig). The duo is supposed to bring two of the main challenges of the role.

The direction of the feature film is Patty Jenkins.

Woman, the Wonder in 1984 and comes on the 13th of August in the theaters.