5 actors who would have been a TV series, if selected


Probably never in the history of the many series that have been watched by so many people at the same time. Social isolation, which is determined by a pandemic of a new coronavirus, is to allow us to enjoy all of the chapters of the ” our productions are my favorite, besides getting to know the other.

The more we watched, the more sure we are that the series that we love are the result of a perfect chemistry between the characters, and that this magic would never have been possible if it was other people they were representing those roles.

But what if we were to say that a lot of our little darlings and the darlings were originally played by other actors and actresses?

Here are five actors who are all (almost) have played a leading role in our series a preferred.

1. Courteney Cox as Rachel Green

Source: E! The Online Play The show/Breeding

Friends it was and continues to be one of the biggest phenomena on TV in the world. The series is so iconic and had such an influence on the generation of the 1990s, which, though it had subsided in 2004, it still sparked the imagination of new fans who now follow the show in streaming channels. A lot of them, including, waiting for a reunion for the history of six characters, which would take place in may, on HBO’s the Max, but it was postponed due to the multi-covid-19.

When the test series had started, in 1994, the american actress Courteney Cox, was also invited to interpret it as Rachel Green. However, after conducting the hearings, Cox fell in love with the profile of a complicated character, Monica Geller, and she asked to play it. When the test was done, and she just killed it. And the same thing happened with Jennifer Aniston, which turned him into the fox Him.

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2. Jon Favreau as Chandler Bing

Source: Zimbio/Play The show/Breeding

Actor Jon Favreau is known as Happy Hogan in Marvel movies, he has received an invitation to live in Usa, and the riquinho, successful, and sarcastic. However, he declined the invitation because I already had a variety of things.

The paper is ended up with Matthew Perry, who graduated with Monica Geller, one of the couples in the most famous of the tv.

3. Matt LeBlanc, Phil Dunphy

Source: E! The Online Play The E! Online

One of the members of the historical FriendsMatt LeBlanc, the dazed, Joey Tribbiani, revealed that he would take part in another series of the successful Modern Familyin the role of Phil Dunphy, the husband of Claire and father of three children. On the other hand, it has given up on the understanding that there would be able to handle portraying the character. Went to Ty Burrell, the Phil, the one that earned him two Emmy awards.

4. Danny DeVito as George Costanza

Source: NBC New York NBC New York

Considered to be the best TV show of all time by the magazine TV Guide, The first episode of season it is inconceivable without the complicity of disposition of the ” friends of Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George. The artist, George Costanza, Jason Alexander has revealed that, before his audition, the role was offered to Danny DeVito, who turned him down. But in 2005, the actor took part in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as for the brainless as Frank Reynolds.

5. Macaulay Culkin as Sheldon Cooper

Source: Throwback/Play Throwback

Prior to that Jim Parsons had even taken the test in order to interpret the challenging and exciting Its in The Big Bang Theory, Macaulay Culkin, the Have they forgotten Mehe was then invited to play the character, but he turned it down. And not just once, but three times. He revealed in a podcast that they did not want to do, “a tale of two astrophysicists like living with a beautiful girl”.

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When asked about the fact that if he had accepted it, would have earned $ 1 million per episode in the final season, the actor has said that he does not regret the decision, as it is today, the 37-year-old has a girlfriend, a dog, a cat, and all he wants to do is to have a child. Bazinga!

Can you imagine your favourite show with the other actors and actresses?

The text, written by Jorge Marin, via Nexperts.