5 conspiracy theories involving famous!

All over the world, do you know of any conspiracy theory. You have any idea what is up with the things that have happened, are in fact something else. Why are they so interesting? They make us question our own reality and all that is around us, we become cynical and, at times, to believe in any of them. And, various well-known and are involved in conspiracy theories. So, it’s nothing more awesome than to meet five of those conspiracy theories that involve people in the media? So, we’re going in there?

The five Conspiracy Theories of the Famous

  • Paul McCartney Would Have Had To Be Replaced

Conspiracy theories | Paul McCartney

The first theory is the one that said that Paul McCartney had perished in 1966 in a car accident. For the band to end, it would have replaced Paul’s for a look-alike, very much like him. On the evidence? Many will use the cover of the next work of the band’s “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, in order to prove that, they state that it would be some sort of funeral service for Paul. In addition to this, they also say that the cover of the “Abbey Road” would be a representation of the burial of Paul, would be if the deceased was to be taken off their shoes. Among other “evidence”.

  • Taylor Swift Would be A Clone of Zeena Lavey

Theories Conspiracy | Taylor-Swift -

This theory claims that the pop singer Taylor Swift, in fact, it would be a clone of a woman is very special. The woman called Zeena Lavey, and that she was the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan, and the first person to be baptized in the name of the devil on the whole story. On the evidence? Just a physical appearance very similar for both of them. That, clearly, there is evidence of very real, isn’t it?

  • Keanu Reeves Would Have To Be Immortal

Conspiracy theories | Keanu Reeves

This is one of the conspiracy theories most propagate out through the internet to all around, mainly in the form of a meme. People flocked to the pictures of the various images of men, much like Keanu Reeves, that would prove that he is ” alive for decades to come. But will it be the same?

  • Avril Lavigne-It Would Have To Be Replaced

Avril Lavigne | Conspiracy Theories

In the same vein of the death of Paul McCartney, on the theory that it involves the “” she is good-looking. According to this theory, the Lavigne, it would have died after the huge success of their first album. Avril lavigne is now, in fact, it would be Melissa Vandella, a look-alike of the singer, who has taken his place. The new evidence? It is apparent that the size of the singer a decrease of 1.58 to 1.55 and the way to sing and act, it also would have changed, aside from a few physical differences.

  • Kim Kardashian’s Go To Work For The Government

Kim Kardashian

This is a theory and the more recent, as it refers to the social networks and influencers. Specifically, this talks about the famous Kim Kardashian. According to these rumors, the influencer would be a contractor for the u.s. government to shape the life-style of men and women around the world. It would be a… a secret agent. Will it be the same?

But, don’t you? You believe in any of these theories? Know of another one? So, please comment. 😀