Alex Rodriguez and, Jennifer Lopez is study to buy the NY Mets, said the magazine 21/04/2020


Alex Rodriguez, the star retired from professional baseball, and his wife, the singer and Jennifer Lopez, they would be having a conversation with the investment banker for JP Morgan Chase for a possible contribution to the purchase of the New York Mets. The information is of the magazine Variety.

The sources of the magazine’s quote from the conversations of the couple, Eric Menell, managing director of investment banking north america about the shopping for the baseball team. Searched, neither the bank nor the representatives of the couple declined comment on the news, it would be of a private nature.

The family Wilpon, the current owner of the Mets, spoke to him in December that it was negotiating a sale of as much as 80% of the time and the billionaire Steven Cohen. The deal would be in the US$ 2.6 billion. But it was not for the future.

Alex Rodriguez has made a career as a slugger for the New York Yankees. Jennifer Lopez also has a strong connection with the city. In spite of her puerto rican descent, she was born in New York city.

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