Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, it is rifando a jacket in the battle of the Covid-19


You want to get in the the “lottery” of the band Arctic Monkeys and again, the this jacket Alex Turner?

All this is, of course, for the benefit of to combat the coronavirus!

And, pay attention! To participate, you will need to pay a small fee of £ 5, and the the equivalent of$ 32.

In addition to helping you, also you can apply to your jacket, that marked the beginning of a phase, which is very good for the band.

And so, excited?

Leo DiCaprio will show you how to roll in a film for those who donate to the fight against coronaviruses!

Attention: you are, who you want to live in the the seventh art! Yes! You did not read it wrong.

The actor is in … addition to a movie anyone who makes a donation to Ngo’s in the fight of the Covid-19!

The Ngos, in order for Leo to ask for the donation to help people suffering from hunger in the U.S.. There, on the website, we can help you deposits from$ 10 to$ 100. The higher the amount, the better your chances of winning!

Details: the lucky you still have a chance have lunch with the cast of the filmthat you have no less than Robert de Niro, Martin Scorcese and Leo DiCaprio!

You think a cell phone was new? Apple releases a visual for the new Iphone!

I have to make it clear, here, that the the values are still salty. The new handset should come out at around the R$ 3.699.

The the first line was released on 2016along with the the idea of being cheap. But… it’s cheap as well, right!

Well, the look is now more like the Iphone 8, but without a camera 8. The account, with the processor, the A13 Bionic, it is the same as that of the Iphone 11.

And then, you have the courage?

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